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China is a country with ancient civilization and a long history of catering culture. The characteristics of food culture are summarized as follows:

Various flavors

A table of Chinese food

Due to China’s vast territory and abundant resources, there are differences in climate, products, customs and habits in different places. For a long time, many flavors have been formed in the diet. In China, there has always been a saying that “south rice faces north”. In terms of taste, there are “sweet in the south, salty in the north, sour in the East and spicy in the west”. There are mainly four flavors of Bashu, Qilu, Huaiyang, Guangdong and Fujian. At the same time, there are eight cuisines of Shandong, Sichuan, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Fujian, Zhejiang, Hunan and Anhui.


Follow the seasons

Nutrition stew in China

Eating according to seasons is another feature of Chinese cuisine. Since ancient times, China has been seasoning and garnishing according to seasonal changes. It tastes mellow in winter and light and cool in summer; it stews in winter and freezes in summer.

Pay attention to aesthetic feeling

Chinese Carved food

Chinese cuisine is not only skillful, but also has the tradition of paying attention to the beauty of dishes, and paying attention to the coordination of food color, aroma, taste, shape and utensil. There are many ways to express the aesthetic feeling of dishes. Whether it is a carrot or a cabbage heart, it can carve out various shapes and create a school of its own, achieving the harmonious unity of color, fragrance, taste, shape and beauty, giving people a special enjoyment of highly unified spirit and material.

Pay attention to taste

Chinese local food

The names of Chinese dishes can be said to be superb and both refined and popular. Dishes are named not only according to the main, auxiliary, seasoning and cooking methods, but also according to historical anecdotes, myths and legends, celebrities’ food interests and dish images, such as “family photo”, “general crossing bridge”, “lion head”, “Jiaohua chicken”, “dragon and Phoenix presenting auspiciousness”, “Hongmen banquet” and “Dongpo meat”.

Combination of food and medicine

Spices for Chinese cooking

Chinese cooking technology is closely related to medical care. The medicinal value of food raw materials can be used to make all kinds of delicious dishes to achieve the purpose of prevention and treatment of certain diseases. “

Excellent selection of materials

choose the Fresh beef

Excellent selection of materials is the primary skill of Chinese chefs. It is the basis of a good Chinese cuisine. It requires a wealth of knowledge and skilled skills. Every kind of food ingredients, including the main ingredients, ingredients, accessories, spices, etc., have a lot of attention and norms.

Exquisite craftsmanship

Beijing Roast Duck

Dao Gong, that is, the cook treats the raw materials with Dao method to make them into a neat and consistent shape needed for cooking, so as to adapt to the fire, heat evenly, be easy to taste, and maintain a certain shape beauty. Therefore, it is one of the key points of cooking technology.

Unique fire

The cook is cooking in the fire

Heat is one of the key factors to form the flavor characteristics of dishes. But the fire is changing rapidly, it is difficult to achieve the right without many years of practical experience. Therefore, it is a unique skill for Chinese cooks to master the proper heat.


Different techniques

Sweet and sour fish

Cooking technique is another unique skill of Chinese cooks. The commonly used techniques are: stir frying, explosion, deep frying, cooking, sliding, frying, sticking, stewing, grilling, burning, stewing, stewing, stewing, boiling, sauce, brine, steaming, baking, mixing, frying, smoking, as well as sugar beet wire drawing, honey, hanging frost, etc. Different techniques have different flavor characteristics. Each technique has several or even dozens of famous dishes.



Chinese dishes and chopsticks

Chopsticks are usually made of bamboo, wood, bone, porcelain, ivory, metal, plastic and other materials. Chopsticks is one of the symbols of Chinese food culture, and also one of the commonly used tableware in the world. It was invented in China and later spread to Korea, Japan, Vietnam and other Chinese character cultural circles.

So Chinese food culture has become a treasure house of world food.

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