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沈曾植 行书:孟浩然《夜渡湘水》

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沈曾植 行书:孟浩然《夜渡湘水》




  这首诗,大约作于开元十五年( 727)之前,游湘桂的路上。诗人三十六岁左右曾到湖南去探望他的好友袁太祝。本诗叙述夜渡湘水时的所见、所感,表现出诗人的淡雅、闲适以及对渔村生活的赞赏。









【Simple Translation】

  This poem was written before the 15th year of the Kaiyuan era (727), when he was on his way to Hunan and Guizhou. The poet was about thirty-six years old when he visited his friend Yuan Taizhu in Hunan. The poem describes what he saw and felt while crossing the Xiang River at night, showing the poet’s lightness and leisure and his appreciation of the life in the fishing village.

  ”The poem is about the poet’s leisure and his appreciation of the life in a fishing village. The poet was in a hurry to cross the river and missed the place to stay, so he had to cross the Xiang River by boat at night.

  The poet uses white description to describe the situation of hurrying on the way. The poet also points out the title.

  ”The dewy air smells the fragrant dew, and the song knows how to pick the lotus.” Because it was a night crossing, we could not see everything around us clearly, but the fragrance of the wild grasses came to our noses with the dewy moisture, and from time to time, the melodious and crisp singing came from afar, which was the laughter of the lotus-picking women in their labor.

  ”The listers cast fire on the shore, the fishermen sleep in the smoke of the pool.” The boatman saw the light on the other side of the river and thought it was a fishing village, so he sailed the boat towards the fire, and when he got closer, he realized that it was a fisherman staying at the pool at night, and the fire was lit. These two lines are a visual representation of the fishermen’s life in front of the reader.

  ”When the couple ask each other, where is the edge of the sun?” The word “when” expresses the poet’s eagerness. Because the poet is anxious to see his long-lost friend, he asks the boatman from time to time, “Where is the sunset? When will he arrive?

  The poet was still too slow to travel by boat in the night, so it can be seen how anxious he was at that time.

  ”The poet was so anxious at that time. The poet asked the question because he thought of it.

  The whole poem is a natural narrative with sincere and quiet emotions, reflecting the tranquility and happiness of fishing village life, and describing the labor of lotus-picking women and fishermen in a vivid and realistic way.

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