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Foreign users can register Alipay accounts normally. To apply for Alipay real-name authentication, they need to provide passport and entry certificate (or “Foreigner’s Permanent Residence Permit”/Residence Permit for Foreigners issued by the People’s Republic of China) + my mainland bank account.

Specific real-name authentication process:

1. Open , log in to your Alipay account-“Account Settings”-“Basic Information”, click “Authenticate Now”


2. Click “Foreign Nationality”



3. Fill in the information according to the prompts

  • The real name can only contain spaces and dots in Chinese characters, letters, symbols, and horizontal lines, and at least two characters.
  • The contact number allows three types of symbols “number”, “-” and “+” to be entered, and the number of digits is limited to 20 digits; it is recommended to fill in the mainland mobile phone number, 11 digits, and start with 13/14/15/18; Please indicate the international area code for calls from overseas or Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.
  • The applicant for certification must be over 18 years old.payment-alipay-3


4. Click [Next] to fill in the bank card information of the foreign user

Bank cards that support the application for authentication: Industrial Bank, China Minsheng Bank, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Merchants Bank, Bank of Communications, Bank of China, China Guangfa Bank, China CITIC Bank, Everbright Bank, Bank of Hangzhou, China Postal Savings Bank, Ping An Bank.

  • The bank card must be a savings card (passbook is not supported), and the account opening name of the card must be the same as the name filled in when applying for authentication.
  • Hangzhou Bank savings card only supports current accounts.
  • Bank of China does not support payment with dots in the name.
  • Real-name authentication is not supported for the time when the Agricultural Bank account name contains English letters.

Names longer than 20 characters only support China Merchants Bank’s payment authentication. When other banks apply, the prompt “Sorry, temporarily unable to operate” will appear.



5. Click “Next” to enter the confirmation information page



6. After waiting for 1-2 days, Alipay will deposit an amount of less than 1 yuan into the filled bank account. After receiving it, log in to the Alipay account and click [Apply for Authentication], and then click “Enter payment amount”



7. After the amount is confirmed to be correct, the customer service will review it within two days

8. After the customer service fails or succeeds in the audit, log in to your Alipay account to see the prompt

9. The reason for the failure can be queried



10. Manual review is successful


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