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Chinese Cities – Chengdu

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Chengdu, abbreviated as “蓉”, also known as 蓉城 and 锦城, is the capital of Sichuan Province, a sub-provincial city, megacities, and a core city in the dual-city economic circle in the Chengdu-Chongqing region. It is an important central city in western China approved by the State Council and an important country High-tech industrial base, a commerce and logistics center, and a comprehensive transportation hub. As of 2019, the city has 12 municipal districts, 3 counties, and 5 county-level cities under its jurisdiction, with a total area of 14,335 square kilometers, a built-up area of 949.6 square kilometers, and a permanent population of 16,581,000. The population is 12,337,900, and the urbanization rate is 74.41%.
Chengdu is located in China Southwest China, Sichuan western Chengdu Plain hinterland, the territory is flat, crisscrossed rivers, rich, well-developed agriculture, is a subtropical monsoon climate, since ancient times ” Land of Abundance ” reputation, is the Chinese people The resident station of the PLA’s western theater, as an important global electronic information industry base, has 30 national-level scientific research institutions, 67 national-level R&D platforms, 56 universities, and about 389 various types of talents. Ten thousand people; 301 of the world’s top 500 companies settled in 2019.
chengdu map
Chengdu is the country’s top ten ancient capitals and the first batch of national historical and cultural cities, the birthplace of ancient Shu civilization. The Jinsha site in the territory has a history of 3,000 years. The King of Zhou said that “一年成聚,二年成邑,三年成都”, hence the name Chengdu; Shuhan, Chenghan, Qianshu, and Hou The Shu and other regimes established their capital here successively; it has always been the state and county governor of each dynasty; the Han is one of the five largest cities in the country; the Tang is one of the most developed industrial and commercial cities in China, historically known as “扬一益二”; the Northern Song Dynasty is outside Bianjing The second largest city, invented the world’s first paper currency, Jiaozi. It has such historical sites as Dujiangyan, Wuhou Temple, Du Fu Thatched Cottage, and is the best tourist city in China.

Geographical environment


Chengdu is located in the western part of the Sichuan Basin, on the eastern edge of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, adjacent to Deyang City in the northeast, Ziyang City in the southeast, Meishan City in the south, Ya’an City in the southwest, and Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture in the northwest. The geographic location is 102°E. 54’~104°53′, between 30°05′ and 31°26′ north latitude. In 2016, the city’s land area was 14,335 square kilometers, and the urban area was 4,241,81 square kilometers, of which the built-up area was 931.58 square kilometers.


Chengdu is located on the western edge of the Sichuan Basin, and its terrain slopes from northwest to southeast; the west belongs to the edge of the Sichuan Basin, dominated by deep hills and mountains, and the elevation is mostly between 1000 and 3000 meters. The highest point is in Daxue Town, Xiling Town, Dayi County. Tang (Miaoji Ridge), with an altitude of 5364 meters; the eastern part belongs to the basin bottom plain of the Sichuan Basin, formed by alluvial rivers such as the Minjiang River and the Nianjiang River. It is the central zone of the Chengdu Plain, which is mainly composed of plains, platforms and some low mountains and hills. , The altitude is generally around 750 meters, the lowest point is at the bank of the Tuojiang River in Jianyang City, with an altitude of 359 meters. Due to the huge vertical height difference, Chengdu has formed a unique landform type of one-third of the plain, one-third of the hills, and one-third of the mountains in the city; due to the significant difference in climate, there are obvious differences in heat. The vertical climatic zone, therefore, has a wide variety of biological resources in the region, complete categories, and relatively concentrated distribution.
overlooking chengdu


Chengdu belongs to the subtropical monsoon climate, with the climate characteristics of early spring, hot summer, cool autumn, and warm winter. The annual average temperature is 16°C and the annual rainfall is about 1000 mm. A notable feature of the Chengdu climate is cloudy and foggy, and the sunshine time is short. The “Shu Dog Barking Sun” in the folk proverb is a vivid description of this climate feature. Another notable feature of the Chengdu climate is the humid air. Therefore, although the temperature in summer is not high (the highest temperature generally does not exceed 35°C), it seems sultry; the average temperature in winter is above 5°C, but due to many cloudy days and humid air, It looks very gloomy and cold. The rain in Chengdu is concentrated in July and August, and the winter and spring are dry and rainless, and there is very little snow and ice.
The extreme minimum temperature in Chengdu is -5.9℃. Most districts, cities and counties appear in December, and a small part appears in January. Chengdu belongs to the humid monsoon climate zone in the mid-subtropical zone. The most common wind direction throughout the year is quiet wind; the second most windy direction: northerly wind in June, July and August, and north-northeast wind in the remaining months.
chengdu city scenery


As of the end of 2019, Chengdu had a population of 16.581 million permanent residents, an increase of 251 million or 1.54% over the end of the previous year. Among them, the urban permanent population was 12.337,900, and the permanent population urbanization rate was 74.41%, an increase of 1.29 percentage points from the end of the previous year. At the end of the year, the household registration population was 150.007 million, an increase of 240,200 over the end of the previous year, and the household registration population urbanization rate was 62.54%. The central urban area (“11+2”) had a permanent population of 10.907 million at the end of the year, an increase of 219 million over the end of the previous year, and a permanent population of 4.37 million people.
Chengdu is a multi-ethnic city. Except for the Han nationality, there are 55 ethnic minorities in the territory, and the resident ethnic minority population is 129,300. Among ethnic minorities, the top ten populations are Tibetan, Hui, Yi, Qiang, Tujia, Manchu, Miao, Mongolian, Zhuang, and Bai.
On May 26, 2021, the Information Office of the Sichuan Provincial People’s Government held a press conference to announce the main data of the Seventh National Population Census in Sichuan Province: The permanent resident population in Chengdu exceeded the 20 million mark for the first time, reaching 20.938 million people. Fourth place.
chengdu delicious food


In 2019, 100 schools (kindergartens) were built, renovated, and expanded, 100,000 publicly-run degrees were newly put into use, and 397,000 children of migrants enrolled in Chengdu. At the end of the year, there were 56 regular colleges and universities (including higher vocational education) in Chengdu, with 869,000 undergraduate students, 17,000 doctoral students, 86,000 postgraduates, and 50,000 full-time teachers; 87 secondary vocational education schools with 18.4 students Ten thousand people, 9201 full-time teachers; 621 ordinary middle schools, 63 million students and 53,000 full-time teachers; 607 regular primary schools, 1.029 million students and 59,000 full-time teachers; 2,630 kindergartens, 3 years old There are 568,000 children in the kindergarten and above, and 42,000 full-time teachers.

In July 2020, it was selected as the National Demonstration Zone for the Implementation of New Curriculum and New Textbooks for General High Schools by the Ministry of Education.
Chengdu university

Chengdu General Undergraduate Colleges

School Name
Competent authority
School attributes
Sichuan University
Ministry of Education
World-class university construction university category A, 111 plan, 2011 plan
University of Electronic Science and Technology
World-class university construction university category A, 111 plan, 2011 plan
Southwest Jiaotong University
World-class discipline construction universities, 111 plan, 2011 plan
Southwestern University of Finance and Economics
World-class discipline construction universities, 111 plan, 2011 plan
Southwest Petroleum University
Sichuan Provincial People’s Government
World-class discipline construction universities, 111 plan
Chengdu University of Technology
World-class discipline construction universities
Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
World-class discipline construction universities
Sichuan Agricultural University
World-class discipline construction universities, 111 plan
Southwest University for Nationalities
National Ethnic Affairs Commission
Central-affiliated universities
Chinese People’s Armed Police Force Police Academy
Armed police force
Deputy army level establishment, 2110 project
Chengdu University of Information Technology
Sichuan Province and China Meteorological Administration jointly build universities, the 2011 plan, the basic capacity building project for universities in the central and western regions, and the “double first-class” construction plan in Sichuan Province
Chengdu Institute of Physical Education
Sichuan Province and the State Sports General Administration jointly build colleges and universities
Sichuan Normal University
The basic capacity building project of colleges and universities in the central and western regions, the Sichuan Province “Double First-Class” building plan
Xi Hua University
Chengdu University [76]
Provinces and cities to build universities
Sichuan Music College
Provincial Universities
Chengdu Medical College
Chengdu Institute of Technology
Chengdu Normal University
Sichuan Institute of Tourism
Sichuan Institute of Communication
Sichuan Provincial Department of Education
Private colleges
Sichuan Institute of Business and Technology
Chengdu Neusoft University
Chengdu University of Arts and Science
Sichuan Film and Television Academy
Chengdu Vocational University of Arts
The first batch of undergraduate-level vocational education pilot schools in the country
Jincheng College of Sichuan University
Independent Institute
Chengdu University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
Tianfu Southwest University of Finance and Economics
Hope College, Southwest Jiaotong University
Chengdu College, Sichuan International Studies University
Chengdu Ginkgo Hotel Management College [77]

List of colleges in Chengdu

categorySchool NameRemarks
Public SpecialtySichuan Vocational and Technical College of ArchitectureNational Demonstrative Higher Vocational Colleges, High-Quality Specialized Higher Vocational Colleges, Double High Plan
Chengdu Aviation Vocational and Technical College
Chengdu Textile College
Sichuan Transportation Vocational and Technical College
Chengdu Vocational and Technical CollegeNational backbone higher vocational colleges, high-quality junior vocational colleges, double high plan
Sichuan Vocational and Technical College of Posts and Telecommunications
Chengdu Vocational College of Agricultural Science and TechnologySichuan Demonstrative Higher Vocational Colleges, High-quality Junior Vocational Colleges, Double High Plan
Sichuan Electric Power Vocational and Technical CollegeSichuan Demonstrative Higher Vocational College
Sichuan Vocational College of Finance and Economics
Sichuan Vocational and Technical College of Industry and Commerce
Sichuan Water Conservancy Vocational and Technical College
Sichuan Management Vocational College
Sichuan Vocational College of Business
Sichuan Vocational College of Art
Sichuan Modern Vocational College
Sichuan vocational College of Cultural Industry
Private SpecialtySichuan International Boasting Vocational CollegeDemonstrative Higher Vocational Colleges in Sichuan Province
Sichuan Tianyi College
Sichuan Vocational College of Culture and Media
Sichuan Top Information Technology Vocational College
Sichuan Vocational College of Science and Technology
Sichuan City Vocational College
Sichuan Huaxin Modern Vocational College
Sichuan Southwest Aviation Vocational College
Sichuan Changjiang Vocational College
Sichuan Wenxuan Vocational College
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