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Chinese Music – Han traditional music

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National music is abbreviated as national music and folk music, also known as national music, that is traditional Chinese music, and it is also the Han music of the main ethnic group in China.

Opera music

The traditional opera of the Han nationality is one of the most popular and popular arts, and most regions have their own local operas. The most modern is Peking Opera. Han opera music is usually based on high-key singing, accompanied by stringed instruments such as flute, skin drum, clapper, gong, and Jinghu. Other representatives of opera music: Hebei Clapper, opera, Peking Opera, Huangmei, opera, Gaojia Opera and Nuo opera, and so on. There are more than 600 types of local dramas throughout China. Kunqu Opera is listed by the United Nations as a world oral cultural heritage protection catalog.
Han traditional opera music

rock music

When it comes to rock music in Hong Kong, you can’t help but mention BEYOND. Because the first buds of Chinese rock music appeared in Hong Kong and Taiwan in the 1970s. Affected by the West, some underground rock bands appeared in Hong Kong in the late 1970s and early 1980s. except for BEYOND, few others have real public influence.
After China’s reform and opening up, Western modern music was introduced into China through various channels. Young musicians are more or less exposed to rock music and begin to form bands to imitate and create.
rock music
In the late 1980s and early 1990s, bands such as Beyond, Tang Dynasty, Panthers, Reincarnation, Overload, Compass, Beijing 1989, etc. appeared in the Chinese rock music scene. In 1994, the “Chinese Rock and Roll Powers” concert held at the Hung Hom Stadium in Hong Kong became the most passionate scene in the history of Chinese rock and roll. At that time, Dou Wei, Zhang Chu, and He Yong, known as the Three Masters of Magic Rock, and the Tang Dynasty band pushed Chinese rock To a peak. The subsequent Chinese rock music showed a very big trend of differentiation, and various music styles appeared one after another. As to the popular Zheng Jun, Xu Wei, and zero, etc; go lo-fi of the punk band Pangu; tricks times out flies, Zuzhou and Wang Lei; electronic music and rap music is gaining popularity as well as the interaction between the various musical styles, fusion. The veteran band disbanded and the main members went solo. For example, after Dou Wei left the Black Panthers, he formed a dream band and performed impromptu recordings with many bands; and new bands appeared, such as New Pants, the Catcher in the Rye, who took the British route. Some of these genres are worthy of attention. Folk-rock represented by Beijing’s Ziyue (now renamed “Yao Shi·Ziyue”) and second-hand roses in the northeast are receiving more and more attention. Many record companies, such as Modern Sky, Jingwen Records, and entertainment companies have also made many attempts and contributions in launching new musicians and bands and holding concerts.
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