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Chushu 处暑 – 24 Solar Terms

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Chinese Name: 处暑

English Name: Chushu; End of Heat; the 14th of the 24 Solar Terms

Date: August 22 ( 23 or 24)

Sun Position: Celestial Longitude of 150°

Chushu 处暑
Chushu 处暑

Brief Introduction

Chushu 处暑 is the 14th of the 24 Solar Terms二十四节气. It begins when the Sun reaches the celestial longitude of 150° and ends when it reaches the longitude of 165°. It more often refers in particular to the day when the Sun is exactly at the celestial longitude of 150°.

Chushu implies that most parts in China are getting rid of the hot summer and entering autumn. But in some areas, especially in South China, autumn is late in coming and people are still bothered by hot weather. End of Heat is also the busy harvest season for farmers.

The Great Wall 长城
The Great Wall 长城

In China, regions beyond the Great Wall长城 will enter autumn in early September. People can enjoy the scenery as it changes gradually from summer to autumn.

There is a saying that goes, “People tend to feel sleepy in spring, doze in summer and feel tired in autumn.” As the weather becomes cool during Chushu, many people will feel languid and weary, which is called “autumn weariness”. It is a sign that the human body needs rest since people have consumed excessive energy in the summer. Get enough sleep, do more exercises and keep plants indoors to help.

Climatic Change

Chushu is a solar term that reflects changes in temperature. “Chu” contains the meaning of hiding and ending, and “Chushu” means the end of the hot summer day. As the height of the sun continues to decrease, the heat it brings also weakens. The hot and sweltering heat has gradually subsided. Although the summer heat is on the decline and the temperature will not rise sharply, there will still be short-term reheating weather during this period, but it is not really cool.


End of Heat 处暑

When the End of Heat came, the temperature starts to drop. The direct point of the sun continues to move south, and the solar radiation weakens. The western Pacific subtropical high retreats southward, and the old air from Mongolia蒙古 begins to hit. Under the control of the cold high pressure, sinking and dry cold air are formed. The end of the rainy season in Northeast China, North China and Northwest China is the first to start the best weather of the year.

Health tips in Chushu

During the Chushu, although the temperature will still be high during the day, the temperature in the morning and evening is low and the temperature difference is apparent. People should prevent colds. In addition, ensure adequate sleep and avoid staying up late. Pay attention to a light diet, and eat more foods such as tomatoes, eggplants, potatoes, grapes and pears.

Folk-Custom Activity

Time for Night-blooming Epiphyllum 欣赏昙花

The Night-blooming Epiphyllum is a flower full of mystery, which often blooms during the period of Chushu. This is because the climate during Chushu, characterized by warm days and cold nights, is similar to tropical deserts. Night-blooming Epiphyllum originates in the tropical deserts from Mexico to Brazil in South America. They blossom at night to avoid the blazing daytime sun.

Epiphyllum 昙花
Epiphyllum 昙花

Although the flowering time of Epiphyllum is very short, but when it blooms, it is beautiful and noble, and the fragrance is overflowing. It can release negative ions to make indoor air fresh and pleasant. At the same time, the odour of Epiphyllum has the ability to sterilize, making the home environment full of healthy breath.

Eating Duck 吃鸭子

The ancients believed that ducks in the middle of July in the lunar calendar农历 were the plumpest and most nutritious. Duck meat is rich in niacin, which has preventive and protective effects on heart disease. Duck has a sweet flavour and according to Traditional Chinese medicine中医, it has a “cool” nature which has the effect of nourishing the liver, improving eyesight and nourishing blood.

Roast Duck 烤鸭
Roast Duck 烤鸭

A folk tradition is to eat duck during the End of Heat period. There are many recipes for cooking duck such as roast duck, cooked duck with lemon, and smoked duck with walnut dressing. The tradition of eating duck during the End of Heat period is still popular in China.

The Fishing Season Festival 开渔节

For fishermen, the End of Heat is a season of harvest. During this period, the Fishing Season Festival is held in regions along the coastline of the East China Sea in Zhejiang浙江 province. The festival is held on the day when the fishing ban ends and fishermen can start fishing again. Due to high temperatures in the sea, stocks of fish remain and become mature. People can enjoy many kinds of seafood during this period.

The Fishing Season Festival 开渔节
The Fishing Season Festival 开渔节


Chushu (处暑)

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