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Fudan MBA Earns Top 50 Ranking for 6th Year in Global FT Ranking and #1 in Asia for Career Services

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Fudan University MBA

Fudan University’s MBA program has secured its position among the world’s top 50 MBA programs for the sixth consecutive year, according to the Financial Times’ Global MBA Ranking 2021. Additionally, Fudan MBA has been ranked as the top program for career services in Asia.

Fudan’s MBA program has received recognition for its exceptional quality of education, internationalization, and career prospects for graduates. Fudan MBA’s internationalization is reflected in its curriculum, which includes mandatory overseas study tours and courses taught by international faculty members. The program’s strong career services department is dedicated to providing personalized career guidance and coaching to students, which has helped to ensure the high employment rate and satisfaction of graduates.

In the Financial Times’ 2021 Global MBA Ranking, Fudan MBA was ranked 46th globally and 1st in Asia for its career services. The ranking takes into consideration various factors, such as graduate employment rates, salary increase, and career progress.

Fudan MBA has made impressive progress in recent years, having climbed up from 68th place in 2015 to 46th in 2021. The MBA program has also been ranked in the top 10 for the following categories: international course experience, international mobility, aims achieved, and career progress.

Fudan MBA’s continued recognition in the global rankings reflects the program’s strong commitment to providing its students with high-quality education and career opportunities.

It is an excellent choice for students looking to enhance their business acumen and launch a successful career in the global business world.


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