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How international students adapt to Chinese life

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If you are an international student and come to China to study, you are not used to it at the beginning. Because everyone’s personality and preferences are not the same, not to mention in a foreign country, facing a new environment, completely different culture, different climate conditions and living habits, so when you come to China to study, you must learn to adapt to Chinese life. So, today’s article will share some tips for you to quickly integrate into Chinese life.


Abide by Chinese laws and ethics

You come to China to live and study, and you must abide by the laws and ethical norms of China. Because different countries have different legal constraints, you can’t follow the rules of life in your home country. For example, in some states in the United States, surrogacy is legal, but in China, surrogacy is illegal, at least for the moment. And during the period of studying in China, we can’t go out to work. This involves the management regulations of foreign students in China. So if you are sure to come to China for study, you must understand the laws, moral code of conduct and regulations on the management of overseas students. Only by following the Chinese living standards can you gain respect from Chinese people and help you integrate into Chinese life faster.


Chinese laws


Understanding Chinese culture

The Chinese culture has a long history. Among them, it includes traditional culture, food culture, customs and customs, etc. If you come to China to learn, the first thing is to understand Chinese culture, culture is the foundation of a country. If you don’t understand the culture of this country, how can you get along with the people of this country? For a detailed introduction to Chinese culture, our website has the “China culture” section, and you can click to learn.


Moreover, China is very vast, each city has its own local customs and customs. You should not only respect Chinese culture but also respect the culture of the place where you live. So, to understand the city and surrounding environment, you can go out and walk more on weekends or when you don’t have classes, understand the local customs and customs, and feel the atmosphere of Chinese urban life, which will help you to live and study in unfamiliar cities better.


Chinese culture


Understand the basic etiquette of China

China is a state of courtesy, and everyone likes to get along with people who understand politeness and respect others. So if you come to China, you should first understand the basic etiquette of China, such as basic social etiquette, table etiquette, visit etiquette, etc. For this, you can click on the “etiquette” section of our website to learn.


Chinese people are very friendly and casual, especially contemporary young people. They usually get along with their friends and classmates in a comfortable way and don’t pay much attention to the red tape. So when you get along with Chinese people, don’t be too formal. Sincerity and enthusiasm are always the best quality to get along with others. Of course, it’s all based on your understanding of basic Chinese etiquette. Otherwise, it’s very easy to make jokes in the face of some important occasions. So it is very important to understand the basic etiquette of China.


Chinese etiquette


Be familiar with surrounding environment

When you have nothing to do, walk around the school to see the specific facilities, such as where there are restaurants, supermarkets, gyms, hospitals and so on. Walking is a very good way to get familiar with the environment. Especially be familiar with the routes you will often use, such as the route from school to the supermarket, the route from school to shopping mall, etc. At the weekend, you can also take a ride in the city using transportation. It’s exciting to explore a new environment. In the process of getting familiar, it will enhance a lot of security and provide a lot of convenience for life. Only when you are familiar enough with this environment can you feel that you belong here.


Chinese city


Learning Chinese

One of the reasons why it is difficult for foreigners to adapt to the new environment is the difference between language and way of thinking. Different languages, their structural order, grammar and vocabulary are very different, so you can not communicate with Chinese people in your original way of thinking, which will cause great ambiguity. Not everyone in China can speak English, so if you live in China, you should learn a little Chinese. Chinese is a very good language. Believe me, if you study it, you can definitely feel the charm of the Chinese.


Since ancient times, Chinese people have been taught to be modest, introverted and euphemistic, so Chinese people often have room to speak. Therefore, when you study in China, you need to learn Chinese well and learn more about the characteristics of Chinese people, so that you can better communicate with Chinese people and find the most harmonious way to get along with them so that you can integrate into the new collective more quickly.


learn Chinese


Establish interpersonal relationship

When you arrive in a strange environment and don’t know how to make friends, the coincidence of interest points is the most direct communication tool. When people from different cultures communicate, interest is a stepping stone. Therefore, don’t give up your hobby because of the change of space environment. In the new environment of a foreign country, your hobby is like a magnet. It will help you attract like-minded friends and build endless bridges between you. Usually, we should also cultivate more interests and hobbies. Don’t stay in dormitories, go out and walk more, make friends of similar interests, join the social circle of Chinese students and build up their own interpersonal relationships. If you have a Chinese friend, then he can lead you to better adapt to Chinese life.


When living in China, we can participate in as many community activities as possible. Chinese universities will use a lot of community activities, and they will hold some meaningful activities regularly. You can join some communities according to your own interests and communicate with them more so that you can better promote the relationship with your classmates, and also improve your social and Chinese skills. Not only the community activities within the school but also those outside the school and online can actively participate. For the details of social activities, you can click on another article on our website.


interpersonal relationship


Establish daily habits

A new living environment, a new self, is not a slogan. In the new environment and new resources, properly plan your lifestyle, form a habit and keep your familiar rhythm, which can help you adapt to the new life faster. For example, what you used to do in your home country before, you can keep the same rhythm after you come to China. Rich life content and familiar life rhythm will make you more integrated.


daily habits


Tips for adapting to Chinese life:

In a strange environment, we should take the initiative to communicate with others. Only after communicating with others, can you enter others’ circle more quickly. When you have problems, you can ask your classmates for help. When people face the same problem in the same position, it is easy to become friends after communicating with each other. So you can pay more attention to your classmates because they are your closest and most real life. If there are any problems, we must take the initiative to communicate with teachers and students and ask for opinions.


Usually, you can read more Chinese books, movies, and so on, which will help you to better understand China. This also gives you more topics when you chat with your classmates, learn to use Chinese social media, such as WeChat, Weibo, etc.


international students in China


Pay more attention to observation in daily life, observe the daily behavior habits of Chinese people, learn more, ask if they don’t understand them in time, and do not pretend to understand. Don’t be too serious every day. Chinese people prefer to make friends with humorous people but you should pay attention to the limit in joking.


In life, interpersonal relationship is very important. Chinese people don’t like people who speak credit most. So before giving promises to others, you should think carefully about whether you can do it. If you can’t do it after the commitment, the other people will be disappointed with you, which is not conducive to making friends.


A friendly attitude will make people willing to be close to you, especially among friends, smile more, praise their kindness and care more about your friends. No one is willing to make friends with a person with a bad face.


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