How to quickly integrate into a new group studying in China?

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Everyone’s personalities and preferences are different. When we enter a new environment, we should learn to get along with others correctly, which will help us to study and live better.

1. Understand Chinese culture

Chinese culture includes traditional culture, food culture, customs, etc. Our website has a part “Chinese culture“, you can click to learn.



2. Understand the basic social etiquette in China

This aspect has been introduced in detail in other sections. The most important thing to get along with people is to be comfortable. Only if you understand the basic social etiquette in China and abide by it, then you can socialize effectively.


3. Learn Chinese and understand the characteristics of Chinese people


The difference in language and way of thinking is one of the reasons why foreigners find it difficult to adapt to the new environment. Since ancient times, Chinese people have been educated to be humble, introverted, and euphemistic. Therefore, when you study in China, you need to study Chinese well, know more about the characteristics of your classmates and find the most harmony way of getting along with others, this will help you integrate into the new collective faster.


4. Cultivate the same entertainment methods and hobbies

The coincidence of points of interest is the most direct tool for communication. When people of different cultures communicate, interest is the stepping stone. Therefore, don’t give up your hobbies because of the transformation of the space environment. In a new environment in a foreign country, your hobbies are like a magnet, which will help you attract like-minded friends and build endless communication bridges between you.



5. Need to be proactive

In an unfamiliar environment, we have to take the initiative to communicate with others. Only after communicating with others, you can enter other people’s circles faster. When you encounter a problem, you need to reach out to your classmates for help. When people face the same problem from the same standpoint, the unnatural ones will communicate with each other and become friends. So everyone can focus on your classmates first, because they are your closest and most real life. You can pay more attention to the progress of your classmates’ projects. If you have any problems, you must take the initiative to communicate with teachers and classmates for advice. Students can also help themselves if they have problems.



Tips for quickly integrating into the new group:

  • The most important thing in getting along with friends is sincerity, although true friends don’t talk about everything, you can talk about most things, troubles in life, and difficulties at work. Don’t feel embarrassed. Real friends should be like this, knowing the roots and knowing the bottom, and sincerely communicate.
  • When a friend invites you to go out or do something you don’t like, if you don’t want to go or have other things, it’s best to express your refusal euphemistically. Otherwise, your friends will feel embarrassed if you are not happy. I won’t find you next time I have a chance.
  • An amiable attitude will make people willing to be close to you, especially between friends, smile more, praise the goodness of your friends, and care about your friends’ relatives. No one wants to take the initiative to make friends with a man with a bad face.
  • Everyone has their own privacy and secrets. No matter how close the relationship is, there will be unspeakable things. It is recommended not to inquire about friends’ privacy and private objects casually.
  • When you need a friend to help you, you should first stand in the other person’s position, consider his difficulties, and imagine how the other person can help you without affecting yourself.
  • Listen more and talk less. Listening to friends sincerely and listening to their opinions is one of the ways to improve harmony among friends. It is also a bridge to maintain the relationship between friends.


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