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Hua Chenyu (华晨宇)- 卡西莫多的礼物 [Quasimodo’s Gift] ~ lyrics + English Translation

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卡西莫多的礼物 [Quasimodo’s Gift]

钟楼外 他的歌声
是无边的孤独 呜

沉痛的歌 在诉说 这不是谁的错 喔
凯西莫多的礼物 享受孤独

若你伤悲 让我钟声
给你安慰 呜
沙哑的歌 含着泪 也为你祝福 呜
凯西莫多的礼物 享受孤独

English #1 – Quasimodo’s Gift

The pealing of the bells resounds through the night
The wind blows out the candles
Outside the bell tower, the song he sings
echoes through the night sky
The monster reflected in the mirror
is dressed the same way he is
The helplessness within his eyes
reveals an endless loneliness

His sorrowful song is telling him that this isn’t anyone’s fault
Quasimodo gives to him the gift of how to enjoy loneliness

Sunshine never cares to find me
Moonlight comes to dance with me
The pealing of the bells in the Parisian night
are the notes of my own music
If you’re accustomed to the pain
then the tears won’t taste as bitter
If you’re sad, let the sound of my bells
bring you some comfort
My worn out voice, as well as my tears will sing a prayer for you
Quasimodo gives to him the gift of how to enjoy loneliness

Submitted by Experience Hua Chenyu

English #2 – Quasimodo’s Gift

Verse A
夜晚传来钟声 ye wan chuan lai zhong sheng
The sound of bells rang in the night
风熄灭了蜡烛 feng xi mie le la zhu
The wind blew out the candle
钟楼外 他的歌声 zhong lou wai ta de ge sheng
His singing is echoing outside the bell tower
回荡夜空 hui dang ye kong
in the darkness

Verse B
镜子里的怪物 jing zi li de guai wu
The monster in the mirror
穿着同样衣服 chuan zhe tong yang yi fu
is dressing the same
在无助眼神之中 zai wu zhu yan shen zhi zhong
Staring helplessly,
是无边的孤独 呜 shi wu bian de gu du u~
And falling into the endless loneliness

沉痛的歌 在诉说这 chen tong de ge zai su shuo zhe
Whisper the sad song, saying
不是谁的错 喔bu shi shei de cuo o~
it’s nobody’s fault
卡西莫多的礼物 ka xi mo duo de li wu
Quasimodo’s Gift
享受孤独 xiang shou gu du
enjoy the loneliness

Verse A
阳光从不光顾 yang guang cong bu guang gu
The sunshine never visits me
月光为我伴舞 yue guang wei wo ban wu
The moonlight dances with me
巴黎夜晚的钟声 ba li ye wan de zhong sheng
The bell ring in the night of Paris
是我的音符 shi wo de yin fu
is my musical notes

Verse B
如果习惯痛苦 ru guo xi guan tong ku
If I get used the pain
眼泪不会很苦 yan lei bu hui hen ku
The tear won’t taste too bitter
若你伤悲 ruo ni shang bei
If you are sad,
让我钟声给你安慰 呜 rang wo zhong sheng gei ni an wei u~
let the ring comfort you

沙哑的歌 含着泪 sha ya de ge han zhe lei
(I’ll) keep you in my prayers
也为你祝福 呜 ye wei ni zhu fu u~
even (I sing) the hoarse song with tears in my eyes
卡西莫多的礼物 ka xi mo duo de li wu
Quasimodo’s Gift
享受孤独 xiang shou gu du
enjoy the loneliness

Submitted by 周晚晴

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Hua Chenyu
Hua Chenyu
Hua Chenyu is a Chinese Pop singer and songwriter. He gained widespread recognition for his music talent, strong vocal ability and stage performance after participating in Singer 2018. Wikipedia


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