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Hua Chenyu (华晨宇)- 向阳而生 ~ lyrics + English Translation

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生 予绚烂
生 予希望
生 予一切无常

相 信羁绊
相 信微光
相 信一切如常

白昼会变长 照亮心脏
让万物生长 如是我们 向阳

沉醉过 泥土的芬芳啊
用最柔嫩青苔 换取一抹阳光
然后自然老去吧 别再依依惜别了
“可我仍爱着那道 晚霞”

我看过 他青涩的藤啊
匆匆长在人海 被风吹着流浪
更多阴晴不定的 还是阳光灿烂呢
只是他总是笑而 不答

就让温暖 驱散迷雾
给尘世 一场风暴
看远方 万众期冀 跃起地 那一颗 太阳


我看到 久违的晴朗啊
又在黎明醒来 万亿爱中生长
长出轻盈的云朵 长出柔美的山色
长出世界本来的 喧哗

寻一颗 未萌的渺小啊
随着青翠未来 升入辽阔云霄
那些黑暗笼罩的 终将向阳而生呢
也许生命早给我 解答

就让温暖 将我救赎
给心灵 一场风暴
当我们 拼尽全力 追逐过 那一颗 太阳


English #1 – Growing Toward the Sun

Growing Toward the Sun
Lyricist: Lyu Yiqiu
Composer: Hua Chenyu
Life bestows splendor
Life bestows hope
Life bestows transience to all existence
Believe in entanglement
Believe in glimmer
Believe in the apparent permanence of all existence
Daylight will extend and brighten our hearts
Nurturing the growth of all beings
Therefore, we follow the sun
Once I reveled in the fragrance of the soil
Offering the softest young moss for a touch of sunshine
Then, just let us grow old naturally
Don’t be distressed at partings anymore
“But I am still in love with that rosy sunset cloud ”
I’ve seen his naive green vine
Hastily growing amid the crowd
Drifting in the wind
Will there be more unpredictable days
Or more sunny days?
Yet with a smile, he never responds
Just let the warmth dispel the fog
Shower the mundane world with a windstorm
Look at the distant rising sun that billions have longed for
So radiant
Finally, I see a sunlit world
Awakening at dawn once more
Growing in the love of billions
Forming airy clouds
Coloring mountains with delicate tints
Setting in the innate clamor of the world
Look for a tiny seed
Ascend to the boundless clouds in the verdant future
Those shrouded in darkness will eventually grow toward the sun
Perhaps, life has given me an answer long ago
Let warmth redeem me
Bath my soul in a windstorm
After we chase the sun with all our might
It will eventually shine

Submitted by 華晨宇海外翻譯推廣 Hua Chenyu English Subs

English #2 – Face the Sun and Thrive

Life bestows dazzling colors
Life bestows hope
Life bestows changes and uncertainties

Believe that we care about each other
Believe that there are glimmers of light
Believe that everything will be alright

Days lengthen and our hearts are illuminated
Every living thing will thrive if we turn and face the sun

(In the depths of night), I have indulged in the fragrance of the soil
(As dawn breaks), I push through the most tender moss and reach for the rays of the sun
I will grow old gracefully and never linger in the past
Although I still yearn for that glimpse of dusk

I have witnessed life’s new vine
It rushed to grow amongst a sea of people and the wind carried it adrift
Have there been more capricious days or bright and sunny ones?
Life always smiles and never gives an answer

Let warmth lift the haze away
and provoke a cleansing storm over this dusty land
Looking into the distance, the sun arises amidst the hope of the world

It shines resplendently

I see clear skies have returned after being gone for so long
and once again, it awakens in the morning, and spreads, basking in the love of billions
It brings forth wispy clouds, tranquil hues on the mountainsides
and countless voices that had disappeared in the world

Seek out a tiny bud just before it sprouts
Follow its green path towards the future, and rise above the vast sea of clouds
What’s been buried by darkness, will face the sun and thrive after all
Perhaps life has been showing me the answer all along

Let warmth become my salvation
and provoke a storm in my heart
If we devote everything we have and chase the sun…

We will shine so resplendently

Submitted by Experience Hua Chenyu

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Hua Chenyu
Hua Chenyu
Hua Chenyu is a Chinese Pop singer and songwriter. He gained widespread recognition for his music talent, strong vocal ability and stage performance after participating in Singer 2018. Wikipedia


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