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Phil Chang (張宇) – 曲终人散 ~ lyrics + English Translation

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妳让他用戒指把妳套上的时候 我察觉到妳脸上复杂的笑容
那原本该是我 付予妳的承诺 现在我只能隐身热闹中

*我跟着所有人向妳祝贺的时候 只有妳知道我多喝了几杯酒
 我不能再看妳 多一眼都是痛 即使知道暗地里妳又回头

#我终于知道曲终人散的寂寞 只有伤心人才有
 你最后一身红 残留在我眼中 我没有再依恋的借口

△原来这就是曲终人散的寂寞 我还想等妳什么
 妳紧紧拉住我衣袖 又放开让我走 这一次跟我彻底分手

English #1 – Music Ended and People Dispersed

When you let him put the ring on your finger
I noticed the complicated smile on your face
That should’ve been me giving you the commitment
Now, I can only stand among the lively crowd

*As the others and I congratulated you
Only you knew that I’ve had one too many drinks
I couldn’t look at you anymore, even one more look is painful
Even though I know that you secretly looked back at me

#At last I know the loneliness after
the music ended and people dispersed 1
Only sad people can understand
The red dress I last saw you in remained in my eyes
I don’t have any excuse to keep loving you

△So this is the loneliness after
the music ended and people dispersed
What am I still waiting for
You grabbed me by my sleeves
Then released your grip to let me go
This time, you have truly broken up with me

1.idiom means ‘all things must come to an end’

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Phil Chang
Phil Chang
Phil Chang is a Taiwanese singer-songwriter, television presenter and actor. By the time he graduated from Feng Chia University in Financial Services, he was already known as an accomplished folk singer, pianist and guitar-player. Wikipedia


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