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Reyizha Alimjan – Photo Gallery – 热依扎

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Rayzha Alimjan is a Chinese model-actress of Kazakh (Qazaq) descent, graduated from the Beijing Film Academy. She is nicknamed “Little Cecilia Cheung”.

First Name: Rayzha
Family Name: Alimjan
Native name: رايزا ٴالىمجان
Also Known as: 热依扎·阿里木江, Reyizha Alimujiang, 热依扎, Re Yi Zha, Rayza, Mizza, Mei Zha, Zha Zha, 扎扎, 美扎, Райза Әлімжан
Nationality: Chinese
Gender: Female
Born: July 15, 1986


Reyizha Alimjan, commonly known as Hotan girl, is a Chinese actress, model and singer. She was born on September 2, 1992, in Hotan, Xinjiang, China. Reyizha Alimjan is of Uyghur descent and is fluent in Uyghur, Mandarin, and English. She rose to fame in 2013 with her role as Bai Shanshan in the hit Chinese television series “The Patriot Yue Fei.”

Early Life and Education

Reyizha Alimjan was born in Hotan, Xinjiang, China. She was raised by her grandparents in a small village. Her parents were migrant workers who worked in other cities to support their family. Reyizha Alimjan had a difficult childhood as she was often teased and bullied for her looks and ethnicity. Despite the challenges, she remained determined and focused on her studies.

Reyizha Alimjan attended Hotan No. 1 Middle School and later moved to Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang, to pursue higher education. She graduated from Xinjiang Normal University with a degree in music and dance. During her time in university, Reyizha Alimjan participated in various singing and dancing competitions and won several awards.


After graduation, Reyizha Alimjan moved to Beijing to pursue her acting career. She made her acting debut in 2011 with a minor role in the Chinese television series “Dear Daughter.” However, it was her role as Bai Shanshan in “The Patriot Yue Fei” that brought her to the limelight. The series was a huge success and established Reyizha Alimjan as a rising star in the Chinese entertainment industry.

Since then, Reyizha Alimjan has appeared in many popular Chinese television series, including “The First Half of My Life,” “The Legend of Haolan,” and “The Longest Day in Chang’an.” She has also starred in several Chinese films, including “Mr. High Heels,” “Love on the Cloud,” and “The Perfect Couple.”

In addition to her acting career, Reyizha Alimjan is also a successful model and singer. She has endorsed several brands and appeared in many fashion shows. In 2016, she released her debut single “Pure Love,” which received positive reviews from the audience.


Reyizha Alimjan has been involved in several controversies throughout her career. In 2015, she was criticized for her comments on Weibo, a Chinese social media platform, about the 2015 Tianjin explosions. Her comments were seen as insensitive, and she was criticized by the public.

In 2019, Reyizha Alimjan was embroiled in another controversy when she posted a picture of herself on Instagram wearing a bikini. Her followers criticized her for not adhering to traditional Uyghur values and accused her of promoting a Western lifestyle. Reyizha Alimjan later apologized for her actions and stated that she did not intend to offend anyone.

Personal Life

Reyizha Alimjan is a private person and does not share much about her personal life. However, it is known that she is married to a businessman named He Yiqing. The couple got married in 2018 in a private ceremony in Bali, Indonesia.

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