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On the morning of April 26, 2023, Vice Dean Wang Hong of the School of International Education and Exchange at Taiyuan Normal University visited iStudy Education Group for inspection and guidance. Both sides held an offline discussion and exchange meeting on the promotion and enrollment of studying in China.

Accompanied by Wang Liang, COO of iStudy Education Group, Wang Hong, Vice Dean of the School of International Education and Exchange at Taiyuan Normal University, visited the cultural wall, office space, and other areas of iStudy Education Group. He gained a comprehensive understanding of our company’s establishment, business scope, institutional operations, University of Debrecen summer camp project, and foreign education information system.

Wang Hong, Vice Dean of the School of International Education and Exchange at Taiyuan Normal University, gave a detailed introduction to the 2023 Foreign Education Promotion Plan and Cooperation Needs. Taiyuan Normal University has always been committed to cultivating students’ ability to communicate with foreign countries and explore innovation. Through continuous innovation and entrepreneurship activities, it enhances students’ comprehensive literacy and cultivates international talents.

At this symposium, both parties had in-depth discussions on overseas travel projects in the second half of the year, the onboarding of the enrollment platform for studying abroad in China, and the summer camp project at the University of Debrecen. They reached some preliminary consensus and will continue to follow up on cooperation and exchanges after the meeting.

Through sufficient communication and discussion, both parties have reached an agreement on cooperation in various aspects such as recommending high-quality students to study in China and assisting in international development. iStudy Education Group will leverage existing domestic and international cooperation resources, collaborate with Taiyuan Normal University, assist the school in exploring more channels for overseas students, promote further improvement and efficiency of the school’s international work in China, and jointly promote the high-quality development of the school’s international education in China.

Taiyuan Normal University (TNU) is a full-time higher normal university which mainly engages in undergraduate normal education and also has non-normal and postgraduate education. Approved by the Chinese Ministry of Education in March 1999, it was merged by Teachers College of Shanxi University, Taiyuan Teachers College and Shanxi Institute of Education.

The university has 4 campuses and covers 1884 mu (1.26 million square meters). The new campus covers 1569 mu (1.05 million square meters), including 550,000 square meters of all kinds of buildings. At present, TNU has over 24000 full-time undergraduates and approximately 1000 postgraduates from 28 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions nationwide. Over the past 20 years since its establishment, TNU has been forging ahead. The quality of education and the level of education have been improved year by year, showing a prosperous development momentum.

Guided by its principle “Moral Education First, Competence Oriented, Individualized Teaching and Comprehensive Development” and motto “ Cultivating Morality and Prompting Learning”, the Affiliated Middle School of TNU has been continuously deepening curriculum reform, steadily promoting discipline construction, implementing quality education and has come out among the best in both secondary school entrance examination and college entrance examination in Taiyuan.

The university’s Xingzhi culture has distinctive characteristics and was awarded the title of “National Excellent Tao Xingzhi Research School” by National Tao Xingzhi Research Association; Party building, ideological and political education, and spiritual civilization construction have achieved remarkable results and the Xingzhi Culture Cultivation Program was selected into the list of excellent ideological and political work projects by the Ministry of Education. TNU obtained the title of “ Civilized Unit Model of Shanxi Higher Learning Institutions” for two consecutive times and was approved the first batch of “Three Comprehensive Education” comprehensive reform pilot university in Shanxi Province, which creates a good education atmosphere. Alumnus  Xu Junze was honored the “National Model of Teaching and Educating”.

Born at the turn of the century, TNU, like a ship setting sail, is striding in waves and keeping going on. TNU passed the undergraduate teaching evaluation in 2008, was qualified for master program project construction in 2009, started the construction of its new campus in 2010, passed acceptance of master degree granting in 2013 and moved to the new campus in the same year, started to enroll full-time postgraduates in 2014, passed the review and evaluation of undergraduate teaching work by Ministry of Education in 2018, was listed as Doctorate project unit by Academic Degrees Committee of Shanxi Provincial People’s Government and Shanxi Provincial Education Department in 2019, thus stands in the new historical starting point.

The 3rd Party Congress of TNU has scientifically planned and formulated “ Five General Plans” in a scientific way, and has resolved to achieve “Five Breakthroughs” and to concentrate its efforts on “Six Key Tasks”, and to improve the university’s core competitiveness comprehensively. Looking forward, TNU will continuously implement the basic task of “Morality Strengthening and Talent Cultivation”, focus on normal education, solidly advance connotation construction and strive to build a high-level normal university.

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