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Snow by Lu Xun~ 鲁迅《雪》with English Translations

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The rain of the south has never congealed into icy, glittering snowflakes. Men who have seen the world consider this humdrum; does the rain, too, think it unfortunate? The snow south of the Yangtze is extremely moist and pretty, like the first indefinable intimation of spring, or the bloom of a young girl radiant with health. In the snowy wilderness are blood-red camellias, pale, white plum blossom tinged with green, and the golden, bell-shaped flowers of the winter plum; while beneath the snow lurk cold green weeds. Butterflies there are certainly none, and whether or no bees come to gather honey from the camellias and plum blossom I cannot clearly remember. But before my eyes I can see the wintry flowers in the snowy wilderness, with bees flying busily to and fro—I can hear their humming and droning.
Seven or eight children, who have gathered to build a snow Buddha, are breathing on their little red fingers, frozen like crimson shoots of ginger. When they are not successful, somebody’s father comes to help. The Buddha is higher than the children; and though it is only a pear-shaped mass which might be a gourd or might be a Buddha, it is beautifully white and dazzling. Held together by its own moisture, the whole figure glitters and sparkles. The children use fruit stones for its eyes, and steal rouge from some mother’s vanity-case for its lips. So now it is really a respectable Buddha. With gleaming eyes and scarlet lips, it sits on the snowy ground.
Some children come to visit it the next day. Clapping their hands before it, they nod their heads and laugh. The Buddha just sits there alone. A fine day melts its skin, but a cold night gives it another coat of ice, till it looks like opaque crystal. Then a series of fine days makes it unrecognizable, and the rouge on its lips disappears.
But the snowflakes that fall in the north remain to the last like powder or sand never hold together, whether scattered on roofs, the ground or the withered grass. The warmth from the stoves inside has melted some of the snow on the roofs. As for the rest, when a whirlwind springs up under a clear sky, it flies up wildly, glittering in the sunlight like thick mist around a flame, revolving and rising till it fills the sky, and the whole sky glitters as it whirls and rises.
On the boundless, under heaven’s chilly vault, this glittering, spiraling wraith is the ghost of rain.
Yes, it is lonely snow, dead rain, the ghost of rain.

gatherv. 聚集,聚拢,集合 n. 集合,聚集
lurkn. 潜伏,潜行 v. 潜藏,潜伏,埋伏
opaqueadj. 不透明的,难懂的
flamen. 火焰,热情 v. 燃烧,面红,爆发 n. 情
vaultn. 窖,地下室,撑竿跳 vt. 做成圆拱形,撑竿跳跃
extremelyadv. 极其,非常
boundlessadj. 无限的,无穷的,无边无际的
wildernessn. 荒野,荒地
dazzlingadj. 令人眼花缭乱的,耀眼的 动词dazzle的现在
crystaln. 水晶,晶体 adj. 晶体的,透明的

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