Wang Changling Poem: Farewell to Wei the Second – 王昌龄《送魏二》

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Wang Changling – 王昌龄








[1] 江楼:靠江的高楼。

[2] 潇湘:潇水在零陵县与湘水汇合,称潇湘。

Wang Changling – 王昌龄

Farewell to Wei the Second

Wang Changling

Drunk, we leave the wine shop sweetened with orange blooms;

The breeze brings in your boat the rain casting cold glooms.

When steeped in moonlight far away in Southern streams,

You would be grieved to hear monkeys’ wail in your dreams.

This quatrain is written when the poet is banished from the capital.

Wang Changling – 王昌龄



The poem “Farewell to Wei the Second” is a poem written by Wang Chang Ling, a poet of the Tang Dynasty, and was included in the 2010 Jiangsu paper of the national unified examination for admission to ordinary higher education institutions. The first two lines of the poem are about the scenery, which is a blend of emotion and scenery; the second two lines imagine that Wei Er heard the ape cry in his dream and could hardly sleep. On the surface, the poem is full of sadness after the separation of the friends, but in fact it is about the author’s emotion of sighing and sighing when he sends Wei Er off. The poem combines reality and imagination, expanding the space of expression, expanding the mood, deepening the theme, and having a hazy beauty, which is quite unique in artistic conception.

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