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Homechinese poemsWang Luyan: The Grievances of Autumn Rain ~ 王鲁彦《秋雨的诉苦》

Wang Luyan: The Grievances of Autumn Rain ~ 王鲁彦《秋雨的诉苦》

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The Grievances of Autumn Rain
Wang Luyan
Ah, you are sobbing, autumn rain, you are wailing! What grievances are in your heart? What agony harasses your soul? Tell me, my dear. What’s it that troubles you? I inquired in bed, half-awake, listening to the pathetic pitter-patter of the autumn rain.
We used to float high above, across the boundless skies, a drop of the autumn rain replied in trembling distress. “There I have many beloved friends, bosom friends whose hearts are linked with mine, while my heart is tied to theirs’. We come from different places, yet we live together in loving harmony. We never have any strife among us. No one knows what strife is. We embrace each other with strong arms, lips glued in affectionate kisses. Our father reigns the heavens, delivering freedom to each of us, allowing us to go wherever we want to, never putting any restraints on us. Our mother nurtures us: she symbolizes beauty, dressing us in different colors in tune with time…Back then, our hearts were filled with happiness, our souls freed from any form of pains…
“But last night misfortune befell us: a vehement wind rose. Chilled and condensed, we began to fall to the earth successively…
We find the earth too narrow and filthy, filling us with disgust. You humans have an exclusive love for money, not knowing what freedom means and how beauty is defined. There is not an iota of love among you, while hatred is ubiquitous. At night you human beings sleep as soundly as swine; in the daytime you tussle and grapple like dogs…”
How could I get used to such a world? Don’t you think I have every reason to cry? Let the beasts and their like live on in this barbarous world, but I can’t…neither could my fellow rain drops…Oh, I must flee this world to go under the ground…
Having said this, the raindrops seemed to have found their way into the ground amid a hubbub of pitter-pattering sounds.
Overcome by a sense of shame, I hastened to pull the quilt over my face, and then fell asleep cozily like a swine.

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