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Top 2 universities in China

Different organizations have different ways of ranking Chinese universities. However, there is no doubt that Peking University and Tsinghua University rank top 2 in China. And it is really difficult to say which one is better.


Tsinghua University and Peking University have their own characteristics. It’s hard to tell which one is better. The school that suits you is the best.


Advantages of the 2 universities

Peking University is a comprehensive university, the  Liberal arts and Science subjects (PHILOSOPHY, economic management, mathematics, physics, biology, and other basic sciences) are the best in China.


Peking University


Tsinghua University is a science and engineering university. Engineering subjects (electrical, water conservancy, civil engineering, economic management, machinery, mechanics, computer, electronic information, nuclear energy, etc.) are the best in China.


Tsinghua University


The atmosphere of the two universities is different: Peking University emphasizes freedom, democracy, and inclusiveness. The extracurricular life of Peking University is wonderful. There are 129 choral competitions, freshmen’s cup speeches, sports, and other aspects, and more than 200 associations to choose from. Oh, and the library of Peking University is the most precious resource of Peking University;


Tsinghua University is pragmatic and strict in management. If you want to study engineering subjects, you’d better go to Tsinghua!


If you want to study medicine, the medical department of Peking University is also very good. P.S. the School of information science, Department of mathematics, Department of physics, and School of chemistry of Peking University are all very good.


The 2 universities share a common point: very difficult to get admission. 


Try your best if you can. 

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