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When China was in the Qing Dynasty, it was a very poor and very backward country. Especially after being invaded by other countries, the whole country became even poorer, so for the rest of the time, China can be said to have nothing.

But in just a few decades, especially after the reform and opening up, China has become the largest developing country in the world and China’s GDP is the second in the world which many western countries have not achieved for hundreds of years. Therefore, China’s development attracts the world’s attention. So many people must be curious, why can China develop so fast?


A System Suitable for China’s National Conditions

In fact, the development of a country is often a matter of system, that is, the reform of the system has led to the efficiency of production and development. The rapid development of China since the reform and opening up for 40 years is mainly based on two reasons:


1.The foundation laid by the first generation of leaders such as Mao Zedong in the first 30 years made it possible for China to industrialize.

2. The reform and opening-up led by Deng Xiaoping in the last 40 years made China realize industrialization.


It is only after the founding of the people’s Republic of China in 1949 that China has really established an industrialized system. Before the founding of new China, China had developed industries and factories, but did not establish an industrialized system.


Since 1840, China has lagged, suffered from attacks, and suffered from aggression, colonization, and territorial secession. Over the past century, Chinese people with lofty ideals have been doing the same thing: saving the nation from subjugation and striving for survival! Countless Chinese people think and give everything, including life, to explore and try. For example, Mr. Lu Xun gave up studying medicine, thinking that medicine can only save the Chinese body, but not the soul.


Many people find all kinds of reasons, such as nationality, even the Chinese people’s bad habits, the Chinese character’s confinement of thought, the backwardness of Chinese culture and so on, to deny China in an all-around way!


china system


In fact, there is only one truth: industrialization! Since the beginning of the Qing Dynasty, China has been closed to the outside world and foolishly refused industrialization! And all the western developed countries, including Japan, developed for one reason: industrialization. The efficiency of industrialized countries is not ten or 100 times higher than that of agricultural countries, but a thousand or ten thousand times. After the founding of new China, have done several things to lay the foundation for the present:


Agrarian Revolution:

The land is returned to the state (collective ownership). Only by liberating the peasants from the land can we have industrialized human resources. Only when the land is owned by the state can there be a prerequisite for the construction of industrialized roads, railways, and factories.


Elementary Education:

First popularize primary school education, then secondary school education, and then university education. Only in this way can we have workers and engineers who are literate and disciplined.


Two Bombs and One satellite:

Let China be peaceful and stable, and will not be interrupted by war.


Centralized Government:

Ensure efficiency.


State-owned Banks:

Provide funds for enterprise development.


State-owned Enterprise:

Devote national efforts to build a heavy industry system. Heavy industries such as steel, chemical industry and cement are the blood and flesh of economic construction.


The fundamental system of a country determines its development direction and operation mode. No matter who it is, it can’t be denied that China’s progress from the founding of the people’s Republic is in the continuous improvement and development of the Sinicized socialist system.


China industrialization


The Right Direction

The right direction refers to industrialization, which is a national necessity. A country without industrialization will never be a powerful country. China’s existing system has completed China’s industrialization and is now on the road to lead China to complete industrial modernization. Now, this system has gone through the test of time and has proven results.


Only the power of the state under the public ownership system can deal with the fierce competition of Western capital. Without the existing system, only Chinese private capital will fight alone with the West. As a result, the Chinese bourgeoisie will become a Western comprador.


In a publicly owned China, China’s national power competes with Western capital power, and the situation is just the other way round. This is where China’s institutional advantage lies.


China has a relatively complete industrial system. Although it is not world-class everywhere, it leads 90% of countries in the world with a complete system, not to mention that some industries are world-class.


Sufficient Market

China has a large population and can digest and recycle by itself. Small countries cannot develop because of this. The population is not large enough, the resources are small, and they cannot support the huge industrial chain from mining to processing to finished products. Relying too much on foreign markets, unable to control the general environment, and easily affected by the general environment.


China people


For a country, the people are the most important thing. Because of this, the innovation of the entire society is developing very quickly. The Chinese people are hardworking and brave, united as one, especially after experiencing so many hardships, they remain active. It can also be seen from this epidemic that the Chinese people are very united when they are united with the outside world. A hospital can be rebuilt in a few days. All regions follow the call of the government to prevent the spread of the epidemic as soon as possible, which no other country can do.


The Chinese are tough, unyielding, competitive, insecure, afraid of falling behind and being beaten and want to climb up. Once the subjective initiative is released, there will be the destructive and impact of the flood breaking the dyke. The whole society is dynamic, fanatical and powerful.


Historical and Cultural Advantages

Thousands of years of cultural identity and accumulation, strong cohesion and centripetal force, from south to north, from east to west, are based on the cruel historical memory, and highly consistent understanding of the political ecology of the great unity, the extreme desire for the peace of the country and the people, and the extremely rare wild heart in the pursuit of the world’s first.


China historical culture


Natural Resource Advantage

1. Abundant total

China has a land area of ​​9.6 million square kilometers, accounting for 22.1% of the land area of ​​the Asian continent and 6.4% of the world’s land area. It is one of the countries with a vast land area in the world, ranking third in the world. Hydropower resources rank first in the world, and the development potential of marine resources is huge. The coal resources are abundant. By the end of 1990, the coal holdings reached 90.453 billion tons, ranking among the top in the world.


2. Numerous types

China is one of the countries with the most species of wild animals in the world, and it has almost all types of vegetation in the northern hemisphere. All types of land resources are distributed. China is one of the few countries in the world that has a wide variety of minerals, widely distributed, large reserves, and most of the mineral resources are self-sufficient.


China nature resource


Persistently Improve the Infrastructure

“If you want to get rich, build roads first”, the level of infrastructure is an important factor restricting economic development and restricts the distribution and flow of various economic factors. The country has long insisted on large-scale investment in infrastructures, such as transportation, power, and water conservancy. In all aspects, China’s infrastructure level has reached a considerable scale, which has greatly promoted economic development.


Pay Attention to the Development of Educational Technology

China’s education level is at the forefront among developing countries. Illiteracy among young and middle-aged people has been basically eliminated. The popularization rate of nine-year compulsory education has reached more than 99%. The enrollment rate of higher education has increased significantly. Good labor quality has ensured the sustained growth of China’s economy, In the past, China mainly exported raw materials, textiles and other low-tech products, but now China’s export products are mainly mechanical and electrical equipment. Metallurgy, automobile, shipbuilding, chemical industry, electronics and other fields have become the engine of China’s economic growth.


China attach importance to education

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