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Wild Deer ~ 桓夫《野鹿》with English Translations

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Wild Deer

An indelible small mole marks the deer’s shoulder just like so any other shoulders before its eyes all is yellow with acacia blossom the yellow dusk draws in but the evening sun still wants to reflect all ablaze the youth of the peaks and spurs and the ridge of Jade Mountain as always imposing and lovely this is no longer a temporary recline the frail wild deer lifts its head to look at Jade Mountain looks at the mole on its shoulder the mole’s wound has torn open a scarlet peony
野鹿的肩膀印有不可磨灭的小痣 和其他许多许多肩膀一样 眼前相思树的花蕾遍地黄黄 黄黄的黄昏逐渐接近了但那老顽固的夕阳想再灼灼反射一次峰峦的青春 但玉山的山脉仍是那么华丽俨然 这已不是暂时的横卧脆弱的野鹿抬头仰望玉山 看看肩膀的小痣 小痣的创伤裂开一朵艳红的牡丹花了
Blood spurts out at the speed of remembering letting the deer comprehend everything with the final curtain slowly dropping the threat of the hunter’s sharp arrows weakens
血喷出来 以回忆的速度 让野鹿领略了一切 由于结局逐渐垂下的幔幕 猎人尖箭的威胁已淡薄
Soon blood-red twilight fills far-distant memory the wild deer’s instincts savor the moment of calm before death and recollection is a business of eternity they the forefathers of the Ami tribe once had seven suns just imagine: those seven suns were sure to scorch the love of tawny skins everyone sighed as superfluous authority blighted the rich harvest of desire so the Ami patriarchs formed a band and went hunting hunting the suns up hill and down dale – again the blood spurts out
很快地 血色的晚霞布满了遥远的回忆 野鹿习性的谛念 品尝着死亡瞬前的静寂 而追想就是永恒那么一回事嘿 那阿眉族的祖先 曾经拥有七个太阳 你想想七个太阳怎不烧坏了黄褐皮肤的爱情谁都在叹息多余的权威贻害了欲望的丰收 于是阿眉族的祖宗们曾经组队打猎去了呢 徒险涉水打猎太阳去了呢——血又喷出来
A pure and scarlet growing peony – now there is only one sun now so much ambition so much love belongs to the indifference of the wilderness in the indifferent reality the trickles of blood on the deer’s shoulder flow endlessly twitch endlessly but the deer has had no thought of cursing in complaint and the wound gradually stops hurting the shafts of light that once blazed hot shining on the endless tribulation of success and failure those stories of success and failure are distant now
艳红而纯洁的扩大了的牡丹花——现在只存一个太阳。现在 许多意志 许多爱情 属于荒野的冷漠 在冷漠的现实中 野鹿肩膀的血丝不断地痉挛着 野鹿却未曾想过 咒骂的怨言 而创口逐渐丧失的疼痛 曾灼热的光线 放射无尽烦恼的盛衰 那些盛衰的故事已经遥远
The knoll where the deer lies is deadly still and dark the vast and beautiful wildwood belongs forever to the dead the deer is thinking and thinking its misted-over cornea can no longer reflect those hideous faces that tyrannize the mountains nor its companions contending for the hind’s love oh! love after the exhaustion of ecstasy love drifts off to sleep to…sleep…
野鹿横卧的岗上已是一片死寂和幽暗 美丽而广阔的林野是永远属于死了的 野鹿那么想 那么想着 那朦胧的瞳膜已映不着霸占山野的那些狰狞的面孔了 映不着伙伴们互争雌鹿的爱情了 哦!爱情 爱情在欢乐的疲惫之后昏昏睡去 睡……去……

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