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刘艺 草书:李白《怨情》

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刘艺 草书:李白《怨情》







【Simple Translation】

  This is a poem about the grievances of an abandoned woman. It would not be wrong to say that it has something to say. The poem portrays in simple language the sorrowful mood of a bachelorette. The poem focuses on the word “resentment”. “The poem is about a woman who sits and waits, frowns with grievance, weeps with grievance, and hates with grievance, deepening the theme in layers. The theme is deepened. As for who to resent? Who to hate? The author has laid down an infinite open space, so the poet can explain himself.

  The poet can explain himself, but the image of the beauty is in front of him. Who is she complaining about? The reader can enter the poem by imagination.

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