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高振霄 行书:郑遨《富贵曲》~ Tang Poetry and Chinese Calligraphy

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高振霄 行书:郑遨《富贵曲》






【Simple Translation】

  This poem has a shallow language but a deep satirical meaning. The poet only seizes a typical thing such as the luxurious and precious jewelry of the rich women to render, and profoundly exposes the extravagant and pompous life of the noble relatives and prominent officials and the rich landlords.

  The poem is also characterized by its subtlety. It is written that the two pieces of cloud buns of a rich woman cost the tax paid by the peasants in “several villages”, which shows that what they squandered was not something else but the hard-earned money of the peasants, thus revealing the exploitative nature of feudal society’s taxation in the language of the poem and expressing deep sympathy for the suffering of the peasants.

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