Beijing Universities Ranking

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133Tsinghua University清华大学
257Peking University北京大学
19286Beihang University (Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics)北京航空航天大学
20289Beijing Normal University北京师范大学
26371Beijing Institute of Technology北京理工大学
33462China Agricultural University中国农业大学
34465Beijing University of Chemical Technology北京化工大学
35466University of Science & Technology Beijing北京科技大学
38503Renmin University of China中国人民大学
47568China University of Mining & Technology中国矿业大学
49573Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications北京邮电大学
50580Peking University Health Science Center (Beijing Medical University)北京大学医学部
51581Beijing (Northern) Jiaotong University北京交通大学
67710North China Electric Power University华北电力大学
80823Beijing Forestry University北京林业大学
81823China University of Petroleum Beijing中国石油大学(北京)
1041025Capital Normal University首都师范大学
1061043Capital Medical University首都医科大学
1401333Central University of Finance & Economics中央财经大学
1471364University of International Business & Economics对外经济贸易大学
2021825Beijing Technology & Business University北京工商大学
2131945Beijing University of Technology (Beijing Polytechnic University)北京工业大学
2161992North China University of Technology北方工业大学
2232053Communication University of China (Beijing Broadcasting Institute)中国传媒大学
2302112Beijing University of Chinese Medicine北京中医药大学
2322118Beijing University of Civil Engineering & Architecture北京建筑工程学院
2502302Minzu University of China (Central University for Nationalities)中央民族大学
2582350Beijing Institute of Petrochemical Technology北京石油化工学院
2592372Beijing Information Science & Technology University北京信息科技大学
2652418Capital University of Economics & Business首都经济贸易大学
3102817Beijing Foreign Studies University北京外国语大学
3182882Beijing Union University北京联合大学
3262965Beijing Language and Culture University北京语言大学
3663319Beijing University of Agriculture北京农学院
3913440Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication北京印刷学院
4183682Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology北京服装学院
4273715Beijing International Studies University北京第二外国语学院
4363870Beijing Wuzi University (Beijing Materials Institute)北京物资学院
4373871Beijing Sport University北京体育大学
4393879China University of Geoscience Beijing中国地质大学 (北京)
4684344China University of Mining & Technology Beijing中国矿业大学(北京)
5065223Beijing Film Academy北京电影学院
5085230(3) Shenzhen Graduate School Peking University北京大学深圳研究生院
5335670Beijing Dance Academy北京舞蹈学院
5625998Beijing Professional Business Institute北京经贸职业学院
6916908Beijing Polytechnic College北京工业职业技术学院
6997009Beijing Vocational College of Agriculture北京农业职业学院
7437228(3) Peking University School of Continuing Education北京大学继续教育学院
7617363(3) Beijing Normal University Zhuhai北京师范大学珠海分校
7727410Beijing Youth Politics College北京青年政治学院
7807458Beijing Information Technology College北京信息职业技术学院
8197610(3) Peking University Founder Technology College北大方正软件技术学院
8247634Beijing Jiaotong Vocational & Technical College北京交通职业技术学院
8467766Beijing Geely University北京吉利大学
9518216Beijing Vocational College of Labour and Social Security北京劳动保障职业学院
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