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Beyond – 摩登时代 ~ lyrics + English Translation

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Artist: Beyond
Song: 摩登時代 (Mo1 Dang1 Si4 Doi6) •Album: BEYOND IV


一向习惯 逃避看似有理的荒谬
一再习惯 承受每晚季节的苦闷

无论分分钟钟天气有改变 我却好少理
无论东方西方主义有呼喊 我当耳边风

一身风褛 一起飞车 占据我今晚
手中香烟 杯中生啤 难平人愤怒

这世代 这世代

需要习惯 逃避发觉冇理的荒谬
需要自醉 承受这个季节的苦闷


卡拉OK歌声穿梭 似载满欢笑
青春包装 灰色的心 人人如是(这世代)


一声祝褔 一班飞机 放弃这都市
出于当天 抛开今天 流亡何地(这世代)


东西不分 不分西东 放弃我主见
生于今天 不知今天 人人如是

这世代 这世代

Modern Era

I am used to, avoiding the world’s ridiculousness.
I have to get used to, accepting the bitterness of every day and night.

Even if everyday the weather changes, I turn a blind eye.
No matter if the western or eastern ideologies shout at me, I turn a deaf ear.

Wearing my windbreaker on while we fly, has taken over my night.
Cigarette on my hand, holding a can of beer. People get angry.

This generation This generation

Need to get used to, realising to avoid the needed ridiculousness
Need to get drunk, accepting the bitterness of every day and night.

This generation

Karaoke and the soundwaves that follow, brings loads of smiles.
A fresh young appearance with a grey heart. Everyone is the same (This generation)

This generation

A shout for celebration, a plane trip away. Let’s abandon this city.
Live for the day, let go of today. Leave this land (This generation)

This generation

What is there to care about, forget about our views
Life for today yet don’t know the day. Everybody is

This generation This generation

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Beyond was a Hong Kong rock band formed in 1983. The band became prominent in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Mainland China, and Overseas Chinese communities. The band is widely considered as the most successful and influential Cantopop band from Hong Kong.


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