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Chinese Music – Ethnic music

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The music of ethnic minorities in China also has rich and diverse styles and contents, such as Tibetan Music and Mongolian music.

Tibetan music

The Tibetans are a nation that can sing and dance, and their songs are beautiful and wide-ranging, and mellow. Tibetan music can be roughly divided into Buddhist music and folk music. The most famous in Buddhist music is the wordless chanting tunes sung by lamas.
The Tibetan folk songs are loud and loud, and they sound like the atmosphere of the plateau blue sky and the vastness, and the tune is melodious. The forms of singing and dancing include ” Guoxie ” and “Guozuo” (Guozhuang). Tibetan songs in Tibet also incorporate other musical elements. The well-known Tibetan singers include Caidan Zhuoma and Han Infrared who mainly sing Chinese songs, as well as a large number of well-known singers in Tibetan areas such as Rongzhongerjia, Yadong, and Qiongxue Zhuoma.
In terms of formal drama, the traditional Tibetan opera ” King Gesar ” has been excavated and performed.
tibetan music

Mongolian Music

Mongolian folk songs are divided into “long-tune folk songs” and “short-tune folk songs”. “Chang Tiao” has many meaningless homophonic characters to lengthen the singing, and it has the style of empty grassland. The commonly used musical instruments in Mongolia are Matouqin, Huobusi, Sihu, Sanxian, Xinglongsheng, and Dizi. Mongolian instrumental music is characterized by softness and quietness. The most distinctive musical instrument mentioned above is the Matouqin, which is a stringed instrument. Since a horse head decoration is usually carved on the piano column, it is named after it. Its tone is deep and soft, with low volume and rich expressiveness. In addition to the accompaniment for folk songs and raps, it is also often used in solo and ensemble; not only to play the melody but also to show the running and neighing of horses. Mongolian instrumental music is mostly the instrumentalization of folk songs.
Mongolian Music
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