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In recent years, China has vigorously recruited foreign students to study in China. On the one hand, it is to strengthen international exchanges, and on the other hand, it also contributes to the promotion and influence of Chinese culture and values ​​in the world. Therefore, China has a lot of preferential policies in recruiting foreign students and has given some special privileges to foreign students in some aspects.


Relaxed admission requirements

What conditions do foreigners need to study in China?

1. Undergraduate study:

Those who have the equivalent of a Chinese senior high school graduation, and be under the age of 25 to enter a university for undergraduate study. The length of study is four to six years.


2. Postgraduate study:

Those who have passed the Chinese postgraduate admissions examination, or have excellent grades in the recent undergraduate graduation from a Chinese institution of higher learning, and those who have been recommended by the school to be exempted from the examination, and are under 35 years old can become Master’s degree students. The length of study is two to three years.


3. Doctoral students:

Those who have been recommended by two associate professors or above and have passed the examinations of relevant Chinese institutions of higher learning, under the age of 40, can become doctoral students. The length of study is two to three years.


4. Ordinary scholars:

Those who have a college degree of more than two years, come to China to study the original major, and are under 35 years old, and can be arranged as ordinary scholars. The training period is one to two years.


5. Senior scholars:

Those who graduated from university and obtained the equivalent of master’s degree in China, or they have obtained the qualification to study for a doctor’s degree. After they come to China, they will study a certain subject under the guidance of Chinese tutors. They are under the age of 45, and the length of study is generally one year.


Tsinghua university


Application materials for foreigners to study in China

1. Fill in and submit the “Application Form for Foreign Students to Study in China” printed by the Commission.


2. In accordance with the items listed in the “Health Certificate” printed by the Commission, a strict physical examination should be performed, and an official health certificate from the hospital should be provided. Those who fail to pass cannot come to China. If you find that you don’t meet my health standards after coming to China, you should return to your country within one month at your own expense.


3. Copies of relevant academic certificates and transcripts and notarized English or French translations.


4. In addition to the materials required by 1, 2 and 3, the advanced students who apply for the art major should also have recommendation letters from two teachers with the qualification of associate professor or above. And provide the following materials:

Those who study art history should submit relevant papers; Music learners should submit a 30-minute vocal or instrumental performance tape; Art learners should submit three or six color photos of their works; A composer who studies music will submit a piece of work for examination


5. For undergraduates applying for art majors, the application materials are the same as those for advanced students, except that they are exempted from submitting the teacher’s recommendation letter. Those who study art history should submit a review or article about art without submitting an essay.


foreigner students study in China


If you are a foreigner and you want to apply to a Chinese university, the restrictions on Chinese universities are relatively loose. For Chinese students, must go through twelve years of compulsory education, take the college entrance examination, and achieve corresponding scores, after applying for screening, can enter the university. However, it is very difficult to enter some well-known universities in China, such as Tsinghua University and Peking University. Therefore, Chinese students study very hard. In high school, they even study more than ten hours a day, just to get into a good university, because the educational resources, the things learned and the platforms contacted in a good university are very good. So foreigners studying in China can be exposed to a very good educational environment.


Scholarship and bursary support

In order to attract a large number of international students to study in China, China has set up many types of scholarships. Not only the Chinese government provides scholarships, but the school’s local government and the school also have scholarships. There are two types of scholarships, full scholarships, and partial scholarships. The full scholarship is to reduce or exempt the tuition, book fees, accommodation fees, etc., and there are monthly subsidies. That is, you can come to China to study at public expense. In addition, for students from poor countries, there will be scholarships to reduce the economic pressure of foreign students in China, so that foreign students can study in China with peace of mind. For the details of the scholarship, you can click another article on our website: The Ultimate Guide of Applying for China Scholarships.




Good dormitory environment

Foreign students have independent dormitories in Chinese universities, which are separate from Chinese students. Many of them are single-person dormitories. The dormitories have air conditioning, water heaters, washing machines, desks, etc., and some are equipped with kitchens. If you are new to China and are not used to eating, you can cook by yourself. Compared with the dormitory of Chinese students, the dormitory environment for international students living in China is better. Of course, this is also considering that foreign students come to China to study and are unfamiliar with their lives in unfamiliar countries, so Chinese universities will give some preferential treatment in terms of living environment.


international students dormitory


Independent management

The management of foreign students and Chinese students in Chinese universities is separate. The number of international students is small, and there will be teachers who are specially responsible for management. If you have any problems in your studies or life that cannot be solved, you can contact your teacher. For Chinese students, dozens of students in a class are managed by a class teacher. There are many students and the teacher’s time and energy are also limited. Therefore, when a problem occurs, the teacher sometimes cannot take care of it.


employment support


Employment support

If foreigners want to stay in China for employment after graduating from a Chinese university, then China will also have some corresponding support policies. Because of the advantages of foreign languages ​​and the fact that there are many job opportunities in China, it is easier for foreign students to find a job in China. Regarding the work visa issue, sometimes the work unit will solve it for you

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