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Full Bachelor Scholarship Admission in Nanjing!

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Bachelor Scholarship in high-ranking university in Nanjing.

High Success Rate! FAST ADMISSION!

The frist class freshman scholarship will cover the tuition fee and medical insurance.

Students will also get 1500RMB/month stipend to cover the whole dorm fee.

Degree: Bachelor

Duration: 4 Years

Age: 18-28

Teaching Language: English

City: Nanjing

Scholarship Duration

The freshman scholarship is only available for one year, and from the second year on wards, students can apply for an academic scholarship(500-10000RMB)

Freshman Scholarship(directly deducted)

  • 1st Class Scholarship: Free tuition fee and medical insurance. Stipend: 1500RMB/month.
  • 2nd Class Scholarship: Free tuition fee and medical insurance. Stipend: 1000RMB/month.
  • 3rd Class Scholarship: Free tuition fee and medical insurance. Stipend: 800RMB/month.

Original Tuition: 23900 RMB/Year

Majors & IDs:

  1. Aeronautical Engineering BBE24022610236
  2. Aircraft Maintenance Engineering BBE24022610237
  3. Mechanical Engineering BBE24022610238
  4. Electrical &Electronic Engineering BBE24022610239
  5. Artificial Intelligence BBE24022610240

Original Tuition: 22900 RMB/Year

Major & ID:

  1. International Business BBE24022610241

Dorm Fee: 

4000 RMB/Year Double Room

8000 RMB/Year Single Room

Requirement Docs:

  1. Passport-sized Photo
  2. Passport ID Page
  3. Academic Transcripts (scanned color copy)
  4. Highest Degree Diploma (scanned color copy)
  5. Foreigner Physical Examination Form
  6. Non-criminal Record (scanned color copy
  7. English Language Proficiency Certificate (IELTS (6.0 or above), TOEFL (70 or above) or English proficiency letter)
  8. Economic Guarantee Letter
  9. Application Form
  10. Two Letters of Recommendation (Two letters of recommendation from high school teachers
  11. Residence Permit
  12. Personal Statement (800 words above, including personal information, reasons for applying and personal strengths)
  13. Study Visa (X1/X2) Page
  14. Others

How to Apply?

For more details and application, please contact ScholarshipChina consultant.

Directly scan the QR code above, or send email to info@scholarshipchina.com.

For more scholarships, pleasevisit ScholarshipChina website:  www.scholarshipchina.com

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