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New Coronavirus pneumonia, novel coronavirus pneumonia, is pneumonia caused by the 2019 New Coronavirus infection. In order to prevent the spread of the New Coronavirus epidemic to the campus under the New Coronavirus epidemic situation, colleges and universities have been through the online network teaching “air classroom” and other ways to ensure that “suspend classes and not stop learning”, which means that more than 100 million of students will “home” at home. The online classroom in Colleges and universities has changed from an auxiliary teaching method to a leading teaching method. Let’s take a look at how Chinese students teach under the coronavirus.

1. Online class software

Dingding: A free communication and collaboration multi-terminal platform created by Alibaba Group for Chinese companies. It provides PC version, Web version, Mac version, and mobile version, and supports file transfer between mobile phones and computers. On the morning of April 8, 2020, Alibaba DingTalk officially released the overseas version of DingTalk Lite, which supports traditional Chinese, English, Japanese and other texts and languages. It mainly includes functions such as video conferences, group live broadcasts, chats, and schedules. It will be available to the world during the epidemic. Free for users.

2. Class process

2.1 Software download PC terminal and mobile terminal respectively download and install the “Dingding” software.

2.2 Build an organizational structure: The school uses DingTalk for live teaching, and the school administrator needs to create a school on the DingTalk platform;

2.3 “DingTalk Online Classroom” Operation Guide In the “Class Group”, teachers can easily use “Group-Live” to realize online teaching. Students only need to operate one step to learn in class and support real-time interaction.

Step 1: Initiate a class live broadcast on the mobile terminal: enter the class group, click the “+” sign at the bottom right, select “Group-Live”, fill in the live broadcast content according to the prompts, and click to select “Start Live Broadcast” to start the whole class live broadcast. Or select [Online Class] below to start the live broadcast, or you can broadcast the whole class.

PC: You can “start live broadcast” through the same portal, support three modes of “camera, screen split-screen, and professional equipment”, and can also perform multi-group simultaneous broadcasting.

Step 2: Students watch the live broadcast. Students click on the top of the Dingding message page or directly view it in the class group. Students can choose to interact with the teacher in ways such as “message chat” or “raise hands to connect with the wheat”. You can watch the live broadcast on both the computer and mobile phones.

The third step: data statistics and review after the live broadcast 1. After the live broadcast, the system will automatically count the live broadcast duration and the number of viewers, so that the live broadcast effect of each class can be measured.

2.4 At the end of the live broadcast, teachers, and students can also view the live broadcast playback video in the “Group Settings-Live Replay” on the mobile phone and PC so that it is convenient to check and fill in the missing learning based on the effect of personal lectures.

3. Learning method

3.1  Self-learning online. For some general courses and public elective courses that can be completed by online learning, you can use the relevant online course platform to adopt the network independent learning mode. Students complete online video learning and assessment based on the online learning platform, and the learning platform system records all students’ online learning behaviors. Generate comprehensive scores and provide them to the school as the basis for determining credits or scores.

Students at home can no longer rely on the external structure provided by the school but must learn to manage their own time when starting an online course. Students with good time management skills will make the most of their time and set a schedule for themselves to ensure that they keep up with the progress of their studies and complete their studies. These students will use their emotional intelligence skills to effectively manage their emotions. Although most schools are closed as a precautionary measure to prevent student safety, future uncertainties may be difficult to deal with. It may be difficult for students to stay focused in a rapidly changing environment.

Students who tend to be independent will flourish in this unstructured environment. If there is no “wasted” school time and there is no spare time between school hours, they are likely to become more and more productive. Other students may need more guidance and external motivation to continue to flourish academically.

3.2 Use an open platform to organize online and offline mixed teaching. You can use the online high-quality MOOC of Smart Vocational Education and the Henan Provincial Basic Education Resources Public Service Platform, and the professional course teachers of this school will use the mixed teaching mode to teach. Students learn MOOC resources online, and professional teachers organize online interactions and live broadcasts to complete teaching tasks.

It takes a few hours a day to study remotely, and most of the time is to study alone. This is very similar to the schedule of college students. College students only spend a few hours a day in class, and the rest of the time is managed by themselves, usually, through Work, internships, sports, clubs, and social life come to balance learning.

For high school students who need to develop time management and intrinsic motivation skills and are constrained by college, the suspension is actually a good opportunity to practice the skills that will make them more successful in college.

3.3  Use school resources to organize mixed teaching. For the existing teaching resources of the school, teachers and teaching classes can organize mixed teaching by themselves, teaching by video learning, discussion, and interaction, live teaching, etc.; courses that have not carried out MOOC construction can use WeChat groups, QQ groups, and other public Online communication methods, carry out live teaching, interactive seminars, online homework and exams, and other teaching tasks.

4. Advantages of online teaching

For online teaching itself, online courses are online courses that can use electronic devices to learn knowledge and skills through the Internet. There are video, picture, audio, and other methods. The questionnaire survey shows that students feel that online courses have many advantages, such as:

Online classes can realize “Teaching a Thousand Miles” so that teachers and students can meet each other not far away;

Online teaching has greater flexibility. Some students who are more introverted in their daily life show another side in front of the computer, become proactive in answering questions, and study hard;

Submit homework online and set the time limit, which cultivates students’ time awareness, and the teacher’s online correction not only saves costs but also provides timely feedback, killing two birds with one stone;

This online course was carried out as a last resort under the epidemic situation, but if there is another outbreak of large-scale infectious diseases or emergencies in the future, we can make good use of the experience of this online course to carry out education in time, which can protect teachers and teachers. The personal safety of students can also ensure that students’ schoolwork will not be delayed.

During this time, students can learn how to prioritize-this is an essential skill for time management and university success. Having more free time will give students the false impression that they will have enough time to complete everything, which may delay time.

Students should also reassess how they complete their studies. Without being restricted by school time, students can engage in more independent study and research and be enthusiastic about their studies. In addition to the assigned assignments, students should ask themselves: What motivates their curiosity? Just like college students exploring their interests by writing lengthy essays, high school students can devote more time and creativity to essays and research Products. The result will not only improve academic skills such as writing and research but also improve self-awareness and curiosity.

Learning to make the most of twenty-four hours a day and increase productivity promptly is a valuable skill. Although the coronavirus pandemic causes anxiety, it may actually have a net positive impact on the way students learn and prepare for the next learning journey.

5. Disadvantages of online teaching

There are pros and cons to everything. Next, let’s take a look at the drawbacks of online classes. The questionnaire survey shows that students’ opinions are roughly divided into the following categories:

(1)  Self-control is not strong enough. Some students use their parents’ mobile phones and computers under the guise of online classes, but they do other things that have nothing to do with their studies during class.

(2)  The teaching effect is slightly lacking. When teachers are teaching online, they often choose simple ones to teach first and then continue to teach more difficult courses when the school starts. This results in students not being able to systematically and comprehensively understand a point of knowledge, and their understanding of some problems is insufficient. And after the school officially starts, because there will be forgetting after a period of time, more time is needed to review this part of knowledge, which brings additional learning costs.

(3)  Online classes have a great impact on everyone’s eyesight. Many students said that after a day of online classes, their eyes will be more tired than usual. At present, the myopia rate of junior high school students is 55.22%, and that of high school students is 70.34%. The myopia rate of middle school students in our country is already so high. Coupled with the visual pressure caused by long-time online classes, the myopia rate of middle school students will be further increased.

6. Summary

Under the new coronavirus epidemic, online courses have brought convenience to Chinese students and provided new ways of learning, but they have sounded the alarm. The self-control of some students needs to be improved, and the form and depth of online courses need to be improved. But what is certain is that in the face of such an epidemic, students can only learn every homework in this special time period only by taking classes seriously and studying hard, and live up to the dedication of teachers, parents, and even the country to middle school students.

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