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Hurry to Get 2024 EGPC Seat!

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Don’t miss to register the 2024 EGPC!

EGPC (Educational Global Partners Conference) is sponsored by iStudy and serves Chinese universities, international educational institutions and overseas agents.

With the aim of promoting China’s education worldwide, building a high-quality channel for Chinese to “go abroad” and accelerating the internationalization of China education, this conference annually attracts 150+ Chinese universities,50+ overseas schools and 200+ global agents from over 80 countries to Nanjing, China to establish the diversified cooperative relations.

The 13th EGPC conference will be held at Jinling Hotel on April 22nd-23rd,2024 in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province.

All international agents(company agents and individual agents) in China or overseas are all welcome to come to Nanjing to join the offline meeting!

Why Attend EGPC

Meet 150+ Chinese universities and colleges to discuss cooperation projects!

Meet global agents from 80+ countries to share insights on studying abroad!

Join ISSP cooperative projects to help more students in your country to study in China!

Get EGPC participation certificate & EDUPRCHINA agent certificate & participation gifts!

Reserve scholarship seats and get latest study-in-China information!

For more EGPC participation policies, please fill the rest form.

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