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Lu Yu: Encounter a Big Snow On the Road to Yi Yang

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Encounter a Big Snow On the Road to Yi Yang

弋 阳 道 中 遇 大 雪
我 行 江 郊 暮 犹 进
大 雪 塞 空 迷 远 近。
壮 哉 组 练 从 天 来
人 间 有 此 堂 堂 阵?
少 年 颇 爱 军 中 乐
跌 宕 不 耐 微 官 缚。
凭 鞍 寓 目 一 怅 然
思 为 君 王 扫 河 洛。
夜 听 簌 簌 窗 纸 鸣
恰 似 铁 马 相 摩 声。
起 倾 斗 酒 歌 出 塞
弹 压 胸 中 十 万 兵。
Yi Yang Dao Zhong Yu Da Xue

Wo xing jiang jiao mu you jin
Da xue sai kong mi yuan jin.
Zhuang zai zu lian cong tian lai
Ren jian you ci tang tang zhen?

Shao nian po ai jun zhong le
Die dang bu nai wei guan fu.
Ping an yu mu yi chang ran
Si wei jun wang sao he luo.

Ye ting su su chuang zhi ming
Qia si tie ma xiang mo sheng.
Qi qing dou jiu ge chu sai
Dan ya xiong zhong shi wan bing.


Encounter a Big Snow On the Road to Yi Yang

Outskirts around the Xing River at sunset darken
Large snowstorm covers the border regions far and wide.
Wow! Storm moves on from the sky like troops on maneuvers
Is the snow real, or are people moving in masses from heaven?

In my younger years, I was partial to, and cherished my military displays
Too free and easy, cannot endure the bonds of petty officials.
Relied on horse saddles, saw sorrows and disappointments.
Think of the emperor by the quick-moving Luoyang River.

Evenings spent listen to the rustling sounds of paper windows
Makes me imagine the grinding sounds of armored and mailed horses.
Arise, I down ten liters of wine, sing songs of defending our northern border strongholds
Try to suppress the one hundred thousand soldiers in my heart.



Yi Yang: City located in Jiangsu Province.

Xing River: Tributary to the Changjiang (Yangzi River) in Hunan Province.

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