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Peach Blossoms by Zhao Lihong~赵丽宏《天籁和回声·桃花》 with English Translations

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Peach Blossoms

A tap on my window in the morning! It was a small window facing the rivulet with no road on the riverside, so who was tapping? A closer look revealed the prankster to be a twig of peach flowers, which swayed in the wind and touched my window. The peach flowers, about to go into full blossom, had dewdrops sparkling on the buds, and the morning glow painted the twig a rosy red.
早晨,有人轻敲我的窗户。那扇小小的窗户,面对着小河,河边没有路,是谁在敲窗?抬头一看,是一枝桃花,风吹桃树,树枝晃动,碰到了我的窗户。枝头的桃花含苞待放,露水在 花蕾上闪动,早霞照在花枝上,一片玫瑰色的殷红……
What kind of good omen would it bode for a flower twig to tap on my window?
As a Chinese poem goes, “The blush on her face goes with the red of the peach flowers. Would my pallid face borrow from the red of the peach flowers in this unexpected encounter?”
I got up from bed and opened the window to let the bud-ridden twig into my thatched hut. Hello, spring! Thanks for coming to me in such a way.

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