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学校院系:山东城市建设职业学院 建筑与与城市规划系 园林2101



拍摄地点 :山东城市建设职业学院



Entries: “Blossoming under the Mirror, Freeze” Drunk “Urban Construction”
Author: Feng Yaqian
School and Department: Shandong Urban Construction Vocational College Department of Architecture and Urban Planning Landscape 2101
Instructor: Wang Bing
Shooting time: 2022.3.15-2022.10.14
Location: Shandong Urban Construction Vocational College
Category: Photography
Creation idea: “The sky has never left a trace, but the birds have already flown”. We love life. We press the shutter key through the lens to leave a moment of light and shadow. We can take wonderful pictures in the ordinary, beautiful pictures in the simple, and touching pictures in the ordinary. We love life, and we have a heart that loves discovery. We believe that this powerful spiritual power is the key to the success of Xingxing Color Photography. The atmosphere and spiritual precipitation of Xingxing Color Photography will surely attract more fresh people! As for photography, our enthusiasm can no longer be described. We are intoxicated with the persistent pursuit of art and can’t forget it. We are far away from the worries and boredom. On the vast road of exploration, people who take photos walk across the land with dreams, enter the crowd, look for dreams with heart, eyes and lenses! We are a group of dreamers, living souls created by the blending and collision of hearts. We see its primary color through the colorful world with our eyes; We believe that the camera can absorb some kind of soul, and believe that the greatest miracle is the clearness on the photo paper – this is the photographer who is crazy about pursuing photography and dreams.

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