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Sanfeng asked the little girl’s name was Zhou Zhiruo, and thought Wuji would need a careful woman to serve him. At this time, Chang Yuchun knew that the old Taoist priest was Immortal Zhang of Wudang Mountain, and that the cold poison in Wuji was beyond rescue. He then said, “Immortal Zhang, you have saved my life. If you can believe it, let me take him to find the ‘Butterfly Valley Medical Immortal.'”


Zhang Sanfeng hesitated for a long time, knowing that Hu Qingniu, the “Butterfly Valley Immortal Doctor”, was skilled in medicine, but only saved people from the Demon Sect. Chang Yuchun said, “Immortal Zhang has been very gracious in rescuing me. Master Hu must make an exception. Besides, this child won’t succeed anyway, so why not try again.” Sanfeng finally agreed and led Zhi Ruo to say goodbye to Wu Ji.


Before leaving, Zhang Sanfeng agreed with Chang Yuchun that he must not force Wuji to join the Demon Sect. He also said to Wuji that he could return to Wudang Mountain in a few months. “But Wuji has regarded Zhang Sanfeng as his own grandfather since his parents died. After this breakup, he felt very sad and hypocritical.”. On the way to Changyuchun Road, he said, “Twelve year old people, crying and crying, are they not afraid of shame?”


After this, Wuji no longer shed tears, even if sometimes the cold poison attacks and the shivers continue, he also forced himself to endure and never snorted. This night, Chang Yuchun and Wu Ji were resting in the forest. Suddenly, they heard a sound of fighting. Looking closely, they saw seven or eight people besieging a monk with bare hands.


Under the moonlight, Wuji discovered that one of the women was Ji Xiaofu, the fiancee of Sixth Uncle Yin Liting. “A Taoist with a long beard shouted, ‘Monk Peng, we don’t want your life again. What are you fighting for? You only hand over the white turtle’s longevity, and everyone laughs away.'” Monk Peng said, ‘Why don’t you go to the Shaolin Temple if you want to ask Xie Xun’s whereabouts?’ ”


Before Yin Susu died, deceiving Master Kongwen had caused many troubles in the Shaolin Temple. Later, people in the Wulin also believed that Kongwen had been deceived by Yin Susu. These people saw that Monk Peng didn’t know anyone, and there was another fight. Monk Peng jumped up and slapped a Shaolin monk on the Tianlinggai, who immediately died.


When monk Peng jumped up, he hit the concealed weapon of Taoist Long Beard’s scorpion tail hook on his leg, and when he fell, he was already unstable. Seeing Monk Peng fall to the ground, Chang Yuchun wanted to rush out to help, but his wound was poisoned and he couldn’t move for a moment. Taoist Long Beard also asked someone to shoot two flying knives. Monk Peng hit one on his right shoulder and one on his left leg, but he didn’t move.


Everyone thought that Monk Peng was dead, so they all gathered around to see. Suddenly, there were five loud bangs, and Monk Peng knocked down all five men with his “Big Wind and Cloud Flying Palm”. The rest of Ji Xiaofu and her fellow martial sister Ding Minjun hurriedly jumped away. The monk Peng has already been poisoned, and he still has two flying knives on his body. He is now completely powerless.


Seeing that Monk Peng was seriously injured, Ding Minjun used a “virtual parting gold” long sword to slash his shins. Monk Peng closed his eyes and waited to die, but he heard a clang sound. Ji Xiaofu extended his sword to block the elder martial sister’s sword and said, “Elder martial sister, his palm is merciful, and we don’t have to kill all of them.” Ding Minjun took the opportunity to inquire about the whereabouts of White Turtle Shou.


Monk Peng raised his head and laughed, saying, “Miss Ding, you can’t underestimate me, Peng Yingyu. Wudang Zhang Cuishan would rather go there by himself than tell me where his brother-in-law is. Although I’m not talented, I want to learn from him.” With a mouthful of blood gushing out, he sat down on the ground. After listening to this, Wuji felt grateful and didn’t want to see Ding Minjun blind Peng Yingyu’s right eye with a sword.


Peng Yingyu’s right eye bled, but her left eye still glared at Ding Minjun and said, “The disciples taught by Nun exterminate are indeed cruel and ruthless.” Ding Minjun tried to stab him in his left eye again, but was blocked by Ji Xiaofu. Ding Minjun angrily said, “He killed and injured so many of us, but you still protect him? Go stab him in the left eye, otherwise don’t blame me for exposing your ugliness.”


In front of the injured people from Shaolin, Kunlun, and Haisha Sect, Ji Xiaofu said, “Senior Sister, don’t force me anymore, I’m too soft to handle.” He inserted his sword into the scabbard. Ding Minjun said viciously, “Master often praises you for the ruthlessness of your swordsmanship and intentionally passes on your mantle to you. Do you feel soft? Do you feel soft when you have a child with a wild man?”


“All those who heard it were shocked. Ji Xiaofu said angrily, ‘You let me go!’ Unexpectedly, Ding Minjun rushed down the killer and swiped a sword, which had already been slashed on her right arm.”. Ji Xiaofu had to draw her sword with her left hand to meet her. Upon seeing this, Monk Peng shouted at Ji Xiaofu to stab him in the left eye. Anyway, Ding Minjun would never let her go.


Ji Xiaofu’s wound bled too much and she couldn’t resist it. Monk Peng shouted at Ding Minjun to distract her energy. Ding Minjun jumped up to Monk Peng and stabbed him in the mouth with his sword. Suddenly, a man was snatched from the forest and stood in front of the sword. The sword pierced the man’s forehead, and the man hit Ding Minjun in the chest with a single blow.


Originally, it was Bai Guishou, the master of the Xuanwu Altar of the Heavenly Eagle Cult, who was blocking this sword. After being seriously injured, he knew that Monk Peng was under siege to cover him, so he rushed quickly and took this sword on his behalf. His dying palm also caused Ding Minjun to break several ribs. Ji Xiaofu calmed down a bit, bandaged her wound, and walked away.


At dawn, Chang Yuchun realized that he had regained some strength, so he picked up Wuji and left. In the evening, they had entered Hu Qingniu’s home in Butterfly Valley. Hu Qingniu promised to immediately help Chang Yuchun heal his wounds, but to Zhang Wuji, he asked him to promise to join the Tianying Cult in the future and not be a Wudang disciple before he could heal him.


“Chang Yuchun said, ‘No, Mr. Zhang has something to say first, and you can’t force it.'” Hu Qingniu didn’t listen, but Wu Ji said. Wuji said, “Of course the Eagle Cult is good, but I have promised Grand Master that if he doesn’t join the Demon Cult, how can he break his word?” Chang Yuchun said to Hu Shibo, ‘It’s better not to cure himself than to cure Wuji.’. But Hu Qingniu drove them out of the door.


Hu Qingniu has a nickname called “Seeing Death without Saving”, but when encountering strange injuries and diseases, he has an interest that must be treated. At present, Chang Yuchun was driven out of the door and suffered from a stool poisoning attack and fell down. Wuji faints due to cold poison attacking the heart. Hu Qingniu touched Wuji’s pulse and realized that it was the poison of Xuanming’s palm, so he carried him into the room again.


Hu Qingniu devoted himself to medical skills and was able to get rid of his illness. However, in his life, he had never encountered a Zhongxueming Palm who survived for several years. Although he is determined not to cure Moji, it is not impossible to cure him before killing him. So he used twelve small pieces of copper to insert twelve acupoints such as the Zhongji acupoint under the Wuji Dantian and the Tiantu acupoint under the neck.


Hu Qingniu ignored Wuji’s pain and burned his whole body with Chen Ai, making it black everywhere. Wuji not only didn’t snort, but also smiled and talked to Hu Qingniu about meridians and acupoints. “This is also in the favor of Hu Qingniu. Although I finished talking, I realized, ‘This kid actually doesn’t know anything, he’s just talking nonsense.'”


After several days of this, Zhang Wuji seemed to feel slightly better, so he chewed the medical books “acupuncture and moxibustion Dacheng” and “+Four Classics Play” lent to him by Hu Yixian every day. After reading the books, he went outside to inject Changyuchun and decoct medicine for him. Hu Qingniu doesn’t give Chang Yuchun treatment himself, but he doesn’t care if Wu Ji goes to treat him.


Wuji recognized that traditional Chinese medicine was also taught by the Longer son who decocted it. Today, he wrote a prescription, and Hu Qingniu looked at it and said, “It’s strange if you don’t die after eating it.” Wuji halved the medicine and took it to the outside of the room, saying, “Brother Chang, this medicine is good or bad, I’m not sure…” Chang Yuchun took a sip of it and didn’t want to toss around all night. He vomited blood and was fine.


A month later, Chang Yuchun was cured by Zhang Wuji. Before leaving, I came to see him again in March. If the cold poison had gone away, I sent him back to Wudang Mountain. “Chang Yuchun went to pay homage to Uncle Hu again, and Hu Qingniu said, ‘You could have lived to be 80 years old. That kid made a mistake in his medication, and it cost you 40 years of life.'” Chang Yuchun laughed and said, ‘Thirty years is enough for my husband to serve the country.’ ”


Since then, Hu Qingniu has administered injections and medication to Wuji every day. Wuji has diligently read medical books and memorized the pharmacopoeia. In case of any ambiguity, Hu Qingniu is also willing to provide detailed guidance. After a few months, the cold poison scattered into the Sanjiao on Wuji’s body still cannot be dispelled. One day, Hu Qingniu claimed to have developed smallpox and asked Wuji not to enter the room.


Three days later, Wuji was sitting in the grass hall reciting the “Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” when several people claimed to have been injured by a golden flower mother-in-law and came to seek the treatment of Hu Medical Immortal. Wuji walked outside Hu Qingniu’s house and announced, Hu Qingniu roared, “If you don’t treat it, you can’t treat it. Hurry out of the house!”!


Zhang Wuji had to say to those humanists, “Mr. Hu has contracted smallpox and cannot cure your wounds.” As soon as he finished speaking, another group of injured people came to find Hu Qingniu, one of whom was Ji Xiaofu with a little girl. Wu Ji greeted him and said, “Aunt Ji, don’t you recognize me?” Ji Xiaofu said, “Ah.”.


Ji Xiaofu was ashamed and embarrassed, but she took a daughter with her as an unmarried person. Wuji quickly introduces them into the house to help Ji Xiaofu heal her wounds. At this time, Zhang Wuji was much better than ordinary famous doctors. Those outside the house saw that Ji Xiaofu had made a significant improvement by inserting needles in several acupoints, so they begged Zhang Wuji to treat them.


Wuji sees that these people are all strangely injured. Although he has read a lot of medical books, he has not really treated any diseases. He went to consult Hu Qingniu, but Hu Qingniu refused to answer. Wuji talks about how strange these injuries are. If it’s a Mingjiao disciple who is injured, what should he do? Hu Qingniu tells him how to treat them. Those people turned around really well after Moji complied.


Wuji asked these fake people to build two straw huts outside the house, one of which was occupied by Ji Xiaofu and his daughter Yang Buhui. Seeing these people getting better from their injuries, they suddenly experienced a relapse. Zhang Wuji accidentally realized that Hu Qingniu had poisoned them, but he couldn’t figure out why the Medical Immortal taught him to treat these people while poisoning them.


The purpose of the Golden Flower granny’s wounding these people is to embarrass Hu Qingniu. Hu Qingniu’s illness is false, and preventing Golden Flower granny is true. Wuji felt that a great calamity was imminent and urged Hu Qingniu to leave the place, but Hu Qingniu prescribed a “life-saving prescription”: Angelica sinensis, Yuanzhi, Shengdi, Duhuo, Fangfeng. Intended to tell him to run away quickly.

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