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The first step l took when l opted to study in china was to go online and look for schools. I would suggest that one should figure out which schools fit the program you want to do. This may come down to a very long list. Cutting down the list is easier though, look for schools with a high pass rate and at the same time a university which you will be able to afford. I only applied to one school at Gongshang University for their Undergraduate Law program. Also check if the program you want is taught in English or Chinese because some programs are taught in Chinese. Apply at your desired school or schools if you want to cast a wider net and be open to options and to every school you apply, an application fee is needed. Application fee varies depending on the school you are applying at. I paid an application fee of 400 RMB which is equivalent to USD 59. After paying the application fee, I waited for the admission letter and when l got the admission letter it meant l could proceed with my visa application.

For the visa application process, the school sent me a yellow paper called the JW02 through DHL. You cannot lose that paper for the duration of your study in China because every time you want to renew your visa that paper is needed. I bought a file where all my  documents stays, that way l don’t have to second guess where all the important documents are, l just know they are safely secured in the file. Before going to the Chinese embassy in my country, l went for a medical check up. The doctor did tests from sexually transmitted diseases to sight and everything in between. If you haven’t gotten vaccinated yet, you should. I also got a non criminal record. When going to apply for the visa l made sure l had all the required documents, the admission letter, JW02, passport, passport copy, health certificate, certified non criminal record, Covid vaccination certificate, my tuition receipts paid in full, passport photos, bank statements of my parent who was paying for my tuition as well as the living expenses and a signed and certified affidavit of my parent which stated that he will be covering all the expenses. I didn’t know about the bank statements at first so when we reached the embassy we were told to go back and produce a bank statement and the affidavit. One should be well informed all of all the requirements before going to the embassy because things change. Also am not an early riser but l had to because the line for the visa application was way too long. Depending on the country of course, guess one should wake up early. In the afternoon no application are taken, it’s only for collection so one should do their research before going to the embassy.

After submitting my visa application to the embassy in my country, a response took up to a week. I was given a receipt which clearly stated the date l was supposed to go back to the embassy and collect my passport. They give you a 30 day visa which in between these 30 days you would have entered China. The 30 days are counted from the moment you enter China so time management is of paramount importance. As humans we have the habit of delaying when it comes to important staff. Freshmen are usually told to come a week or two earlier so the orientation, classes and visa application won’t mix up. Try by all means necessary to make sure that you get into China before there is too much pressure and a lot on your plate. I believe that walking in groups when it’s your first time in a foreign land helps to keep your mind at ease. My first time entering China l went at my cousin’s place in Beijing and stayed there for two weeks. We had a lot of catching up to do and l had missed her a lot. When l later went to my city to start the visa process, it was a mess. It was so unfortunate that they weren’t any rooms left at the dormitories so l had to start apartment hunting which was something that was outside my budget. Classes had already began so l was behind and had some catching up to do that means l had to study twice as hard. Trying to juggle between catching up on classes and at the same time applying for a visa was super hard. This taught me that time management is important.

In conclusion, applying to study in China is not hard, as long as you have all the necessary documents. Be time conscious and be open for a new adventure. Being polite and try to mingle with others will make you to almost not miss home.

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