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Waiting for a Train in the Land of Poetry by Ren Xianqing~ 任先青《等待诗里的火车》with English Translations

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Waiting for a Train in the Land of Poetry

I’m waiting for a train in the land of poetry.
Waiting in hope for its clanging sounds and forceful roaring past!
等待它 铿锵的足音 凌厉的啸呼
Let its display of great momentum shock me and traverse me.
大气磅礴 震撼我 穿越我
As if eager for a grand celebration to approach, I’m the very first
仿佛等待一次盛大庆典 我率先
to hear my own thumping heart.
With the classics open, thoughts of love growing, and my bones elongating,
经典打开 情思渐盛 骨骼拔节
the train speeds up, laden with flowers—fresh, vivid, and profuse..
鲜活 饱和 火车满载花朵疾驶而来……
Thereupon, who cares if I’m driven to join the Liangshan rebels by a pile of words and expressions?
于斯 我已不在乎被一摞词语逼上梁山
I don’t mind that I grow melons in empty spaces but reap beans;
不在乎 空格地里种瓜得豆
I don’t mind being misread by you or these preposterous times.
不在乎 被你和尖刻的生活 误读

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