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On the afternoon of May 26, 2023, Chen Bin, director of the School of Overseas Education of Fujian Medical University, visited iStudy Education Group for inspection and guidance. The two sides carried out in-depth exchanges and discussions on the publicity and promotion of studying in China, the recommendation of high-quality students, foreign-related education information system and other projects.

Chen Bin, Director of the School of Overseas Education of Fujian Medical University, accompanied by Li Mingli, Manager of iStudy Education Group, visited the cultural wall, office space and other areas of iStudy Education Group, and had a comprehensive understanding of our development history, business scope, system of overseas study projects in China, etc. After the visit, both parties had a discussion and exchange.

At the symposium, Director Chen Bin of School of Overseas Education of Fujian Medical University introduced in detail the overall enrollment of international students in 2023, as well as enrollment planning and policies. At the same time, based on the actual situation and goal planning of the school, a comprehensive understanding of the iStudy Education Group’s enrollment platform for studying abroad in China this year, the overseas summer camp project, and the iiiT foreign education information system was conducted. A consensus was reached on the specific content of enrollment for studying abroad and the promotion of the enrollment platform.

Finally, we would like to thank Fujian Medical University for its trust and support to our company. iStudy Education Group will continue to walk side by side with you, and work together to create a better future!

Fujian Medical University (FJMU) was founded in 1937. With the mission of creating and nurturing a diverse community of elites who are “diligent, prudent, truth-seeking and innovative”, for over 70 years, it has developed an integral education system offering bachelor’s, master’s and doctor’s degree programs. At present, in Basic Medical Sciences, Clinical Medicine, Clinical Stomatology and Pharmacology, FJMU confers doctoral degrees, as well as master’s degrees which also cover Biology, Stomatology, Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Pharmacy, and Social Medicine and Health Care Management.

Today, as a medical center in the Western Taiwan Straits Economic Zone, the University is fully committed to her mission to cultivate medical minds, conduct scientific research and development, explore disease diagnosis, treatment, and prevention, and to provide health care and social service.


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