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HomeChinese Music and LyricsAnni Hung (洪安妮, Hong Anni)- 世界这么有趣,哪能一直伤心? ~ lyrics + English Translation

Anni Hung (洪安妮, Hong Anni)- 世界这么有趣,哪能一直伤心? ~ lyrics + English Translation

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你曾相信爱情吧 原来全都是谎言的包装
你可曾被误解呢 是不是原谅无所谓就好
你也曾有过梦想 却因为什么原因放弃了


世界这么有趣 哪能一直伤心
暴雨后的宁静 正在发生奇迹。

English #1 – The World Is So Very Wonderful, How Could I Have Been So Sad?

Have you ever believed in love? That all turned out to be a pack of lies?
Have you ever been misunderstood? Does forgiving someone no longer matter?
You once had dreams too. Why did you let them go on?

When despair becomes such a familiar affair
A sigh becomes but an occasion in one’s life

Yes indeed, it is so truly clear to see
The world is so very wonderful. How could I have been so sad?
There is serenity after a heavy rain, and miracles do happen.

Submitted by Ww Ww

English #2 – So interesting the world is, how can you be sad all along?

You must believed in love, but in the end it turned out to be a lie
You must had been misunderstood, would it be fine if you just forgive
You must had dreams once, but gave them up for some reasons

When disappointment became somthing familar in your haert
And sigh became a interlude of your life

But to be honest
So interesting the world, how can you be sad all along
The peace after the storm, miracles are happening

Submitted by Blessphemy 7

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