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If you are considering studying in China, then I would suggest you to go to Beijing. You will definitely ask why? Then let foreigners living in Beijing tell you the answer.


About Beijing, China

Beijing is the capital of the People’s Republic of China, a municipality directly under the Central Government, a national central city, and a megacity. The Chinese political center, cultural center, international exchange center, and technological innovation center have been approved by the State Council. As of 2020, the city has 16 districts under its jurisdiction, with a total area of ​​16410.54 square kilometers and a permanent population of 21,893,100. The urban population is 18.65 million, the urbanization rate is 86.6% (data at the end of 2018), and the permanent migrant population reaches 7.943 million (data for 2017). Beijing is located in the northern part of China and the northern part of the North China Plain. It is adjacent to Tianjin to the east and Hebei to the rest. Its central location is 116°20′ east longitude and 39°56′ north latitude. It is a world-famous ancient capital and a modern international city, as well as the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China. The office of the Central People’s Government of the People’s Republic of China and the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress.


The terrain of Beijing is high in the northwest and low in the southeast. The west, north and northeast are surrounded by mountains on three sides, and the southeast is a plain sloping gently toward the Bohai Sea. The main rivers flowing through the territory are: Yongding River, Chaobai River, Beiyun River, Juma River, etc., mostly originating from the mountains in the northwest, passing through high mountains, winding through the plains to the southeast, and finally into the Bohai Sea. The climate of Beijing is a warm temperate zone, a semi-humid and semi-arid monsoon climate, with hot and rainy summers, cold and dry winters, and short springs and autumns.


Beijing is rated as the world’s first-tier city by GaWC, a world urban research organization. The United Nations report points out that Beijing’s Human Development Index ranks second among Chinese cities. In 2020, Beijing will achieve a regional GDP of 3610.26 billion yuan, which is calculated at comparable prices. The annual growth rate is 1.2%.


Beijing Tian An Men


For a detailed introduction to Beijing, China, you can visit our website “Beijing”, where there is a detailed introduction.


Introduction to Universities in Beijing

As of 2020 data, there are more than 3,000 colleges and universities in China. Among them, the main campus of the school is located in Beijing (including undergraduate and junior colleges). There are a total of 93 colleges and universities. After a ranking, there are a total of 582 universities on the main list, and Beijing is on the list with 27, which are ranked as follows:


RankSchool NameProvinceTypeTotal scoreSchool-level


Tsinghua University






Peking University






Beijing Normal University


normal school




Beihang University


science and technology




Renmin University of China






Beijing Institute of Technology


science and technology




China Agricultural University






University of Science and Technology Beijing


science and technology




Beijing Jiaotong University


science and technology




Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications


science and technology




China University of Petroleum – Beijing


science and technology




Beijing University of Technology


science and technology




Beijing University of Chemical Technology


science and technology




China University of Geosciences (Beijing)


science and technology




China University of Mining and Technology – Beijing


science and technology




Beijing Forestry University






North China Electric Power University


science and technology




Capital Normal University


normal school




Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture


science and technology



North China University of Technology


science and technology



Beijing Information Science & Technology University


science and technology



Beijing University of Agriculture





University of International Relations





Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication


science and technology



Beijing Electronic Science and Technology Institute


science and technology



Beijing Union University





Beijing Institute of Petrochemical Technology


science and technology



Tsinghua university


Data on foreigners in Beijing, China

The situation of foreign students in Beijing universities (2018)


Unit: person

Number of graduates

Number of degrees awarded


Number of students enrolled










Divided by academic qualifications










master’s degree














By region
















North America





South America










By source of funding

Funded by International Organizations





Chinese government funding





National government funding





Exchange between schools





Own expense






There are about 50,000 permanent foreigners in Beijing.


foreigners in Beijing


Why study in Beijing of China

Beijing’s economic level is at the forefront of China

Beijing is the capital of China, surpassing a first-tier city, and its economic level is naturally very high. According to official data, the regional GDP has risen from 2.5 trillion yuan to 3.6 trillion yuan; the per capita regional GDP is about 24,000 US dollars, reaching the middle level of developed economies. The business environment has improved significantly, the economic structure has continued to be optimized, and the digital economy has accounted for 38%, ranking among the top in the country.


Aethur, an international student from the UK, said that Beijing is really a city with very fast economic development, and the transportation is very convenient. The bus and subway can basically go to all places in Beijing. Shopping malls, supermarkets, convenience stores, etc. are everywhere, but there is also a disadvantage that prices are extremely high. However, because of the very good economic development, the employment environment in Beijing is also very good, and there are many development opportunities, so many foreigners choose to settle in Beijing.


Qiu Ai comes from Thailand and has lived in Beijing for many years. After studying in Beijing, he stayed in Beijing to live. In Beijing, he began to ride a shared bicycle, order takeaways, and go shopping on Taobao. In his opinion, whether in Beijing It is very convenient for shopping, traveling, eating and studying.


Beijing has a good education environment

Beijing is also one of the most developed areas of education in China. Beijing has the third largest library in the world and the largest library in Asia. Beijing is the city with the largest number of universities in China, as well as the city with the largest number of 985/211 universities. This is not only a large quantity but also very high quality. Beijing has a total of 26 211 universities, of which 8 are 985 universities.


Asifti, an international student from Pakistan, said that they do not have so many opportunities to receive a good education in Pakistan, because they are very crowded, so the competition is very fierce, and Beijing has very good educational resources, and the teaching level of the school teachers is also very good. High school, the school’s hardware facilities are also very good, in Beijing, China, he has a very good learning environment.


Yumei, a Ph.D. student in Canada, chose the reform of Chinese medicine as the topic of her doctoral research plan, so she came to Beijing, China to conduct research. After coming to China, she said that there are a lot of learning resources in Beijing. She can find a lot of materials that she can’t find in Canada. She likes the school library very much, and the place that she visits most in her free time is the library.


Peking university


Beijing has beautiful natural scenery

Beijing is the city with the most world heritage sites in the world, with a total of 7 sites. It is the first capital city in the world to have a world geological park. There are more than 200 tourist attractions open to the outside world in Beijing, including the world’s largest palace, the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven, Beihai Park, the Royal Garden, the Summer Palace and the Old Summer Palace, as well as the Badaling Great Wall, Mutianyu Great Wall, and the world’s largest courtyard house. Palaces and other places of interest. Beijing has a total of 7,309 cultural relics, 99 national key cultural relics protection units (including the Great Wall and the Beijing section of the Grand Canal), 326 municipal cultural relics protection units, 5 national geological parks, and 15 national forest parks.


Jiang Chuan, a Japanese student studying in Beijing, said that Beijing is a particularly beautiful city. After living in Beijing for two years, he visited many places in Beijing. The scenery is very beautiful and the delivery is very large. However, there are still many places that have no time to go. If you have the opportunity to come to China again, you have to travel all over Beijing.


Aslan, a Turkish student studying in Beijing, said that when her Turkish friends came to Beijing to visit her, she took them to the Forbidden City, the Great Wall and other places in Beijing. All her friends said that they did not want to return to Turkey and wanted to stay in Beijing.


Beijing Botanical Garden


Beijing has a lot of delicious food

Jun Yang, a South Korean student studying in Beijing, said that Beijing has a lot of food. Beijing not only has its own unique food, such as Beijing roast duck and donkey roll but also can eat all kinds of food from all over the world in Beijing. After living in Beijing for a few years, he fell in love with the city and the taste of China.


Mira, a Thai student studying in Beijing, said that she also likes Chinese food very much. She has also been to other cities in China. Beijing is like a gathering place for Chinese food, not only Chinese food, but also foreign food. She has eaten very authentic Thai food, no less than what she eats in Thailand.


Beijing delicious food


Beijing’s living environment is particularly good

Asif, a Pakistani student studying in Beijing, said that the living environment in Beijing, China, is very good and very safe. The Chinese students around him are also very friendly, warm and polite. They are afraid that their overseas students will be lonely in a foreign country, so they are often invited to participate. Activities to teach them to learn Chinese and join the social circle of Chinese students. Not only classmates, but Chinese teachers are also very good. Chinese teachers are like “parents” and “friends”. They not only pay attention to their own learning but also provide very careful help in life, bringing them a lot of warmth.


Tom, an American student studying in Beijing, said that studying abroad in Beijing is very pleasant and the dormitory environment is also very good. Life in China is very convenient. You only need to bring a mobile phone when you go out, use your phone to scan the bus and subway, order meals and pay for meals, and book hotels and tickets for travel. Wait, everything can be done on the phone. He said that China’s Internet is very developed, which has given great convenience to life. It is also very happy to stay at home every day without leaving the house.


Next, I will share with you an article about Beijing travels from Artem Nefodov. He has been in Beijing for a year and likes everything about Beijing. He feels that it is all-encompassing and full of vitality. After reading his story, I believe you will know more about life in Beijing.


the Summer Palace in Beijing


Travel article to Beijing from Artem Nefodov

My name is Artem Nefodov. Like all my friends, before I came to China, I always felt that it was a very remote, mysterious and ancient place. She has always fascinated me.


Finally last year September, I came to Beijing on a business trip and started to really get in touch with this country. When I got off the plane, the first sight of China was actually quite different from what I imagined. It is not like the TV or photos, there are red walls and yellow tiles everywhere. It is like many cities I have seen before. There are skyscrapers everywhere, wide streets are full of enthusiastic and cheerful people, and cars that never stop.


Of course, besides getting settled for daily work, on weekends, I always hope to go out to see more. Before I came to China, I had watched many documentaries about China, so I decided to experience it myself.


At the weekend of the end of September, I got my wish and came to one of the world’s landmarks-Tiananmen Square. I couldn’t wait to run towards it. This is almost something I have decided before I come to China.


Although I was still a little confused in the subway, I managed to get there. Perhaps this is mainly because I know too little Chinese, and many Chinese characters look too similar. Those “square characters” are as interesting and fascinating as the history of China. I know they will be very helpful to my next life in China, and I am trying to understand them.


When I walked to Tiananmen Square, the feeling was great and unspeakable. The floors here are generally relatively low, without the tension and depression of high-rise buildings. The red walls and golden tiles all seem very clear in sunny weather.


It is said that this is the place where the emperor lives, but I walked in furiously “Emperor”‘s house felt like dreaming, and the excitement was beyond words. It’s hard to imagine that the Chinese can interpret the solemnity and solemnity of the royal family and the government so shocked. I walked around Tiananmen Square for a whole day. In the end, I found that I didn’t eat or feel hungry. This is really incredible!


October 1st is China’s birthday. I feel that the city is suddenly slowing down. It turns out that everyone has a holiday. In Chinese, “Go home as you like”, and the awesome holiday is undoubtedly a joy. Because I had experience in Tiananmen Square last time, a few friends were very interested when they learned about it, and kept asking me to take them to see it. So, I came to Tiananmen Square again, but this time we went to more places. Because of the detailed strategy, this time I took my friends to visit Tiananmen Square with a tight schedule. It was still afternoon when I came out of Xuanwumen.


Taking advantage of our good spirits, we decided to go to Jingshan Park in the afternoon. In fact, I wanted to go last time, but it was already evening, so I gave up the idea. Since there is a chance this time, fortunately, the weather is great!


There is a white tower on the top of the mountain in Jingshan Park. On the tower, we can see the entire Forbidden City. This feeling is very strange.”Regulations” and the beauty of architecture have a panoramic view as if you have the entire world.


The most famous food in Beijing is roast duck, which is something I have heard before coming to China.


However, there are so many types of roast duck in Beijing, so many that I don’t know where to try and where the taste is best. Or accidentally on the street, I suddenly saw a very old building. At that moment, I thought it was very beautiful, so I remembered its house number. The house numbers in China are not the same as in our country. They are not all arranged in numbers, like the one in front of me. “Quanjude”, was only known after a Chinese friend translated it to me. It turns out that if you want to eat Peking duck, you should go to Quanjude. This is the answer!


Beijing duck


When I have a chance to pass by again when I was in Quanjude, I walked in as freely as a Beijinger without hesitation. After seeing the chef’s superb skills, I finally ate the legendary Beijing roast duck. Although it feels a bit greasy, the aroma will always remain in your mouth. It is a delicacy that is difficult to describe. In any case, you experience it in Europe.


When I introduced Beijing Roast Duck to my friends who are picky about their diet, as expected, they can appreciate the Beijingers as quickly as possible. The essence of the taste of “roasted duck skin dipped in sugar”.


In Beijing, you will definitely understand what is real “Congestion” maybe because it is the capital. Many times I will mechanically choose the most suitable mode of transportation according to the road conditions. After all, the city is too big, and it will be very distressing to be stuck on the road.


Beijng traffic jam


I want to buy a bicycle as my means of transportation because I saw that there are bicycles everywhere in this city, and they all look the same. However, when I told this idea to a Chinese friend of mine, he told me: “In China, cycling is very common, but you don’t necessarily need to buy it yourself. Those neatly stacked bicycles with special logos or QR codes on the roadside can easily meet your travel needs. At that moment, I was surprised. The Chinese are so happy. Now! In fact, there is still a question mark in my heart. Will the bicycles not be stolen? Is there enough stock in the city? In just a few minutes, with the help of my Chinese friends, I successfully opened a shared bicycle. Since then, I have I am deeply in love with shared bicycles-my “travel artifact” in Beijing.


Beijing except “Cool” and full of “artistic atmosphere”, this is the first time I went to the 798 Art District.


It’s already very cold in Beijing in December, but as long as I can come out to play, it doesn’t matter how bad the weather is, and I’m not used to wearing a mask.


When I came in here, in addition to the words “798 Art District” written on the wall at the door, it looked like some abandoned factory buildings on the outside. However, when I went inside, I found that it was incomparable magic. There are a lot of things here. I don’t feel anything when I look at them from a distance, but when I get close to them, I begin to be attracted by them. There are so many works of artists who like them that I can’t move. I have to “take” them away with my eyes and lens and keep them in my heart.


There are a lot of weird ideas in 798, there are also many new ideas, and there are many things I have never seen before. People here call them “original”. But no matter what it is, I can’t let myself reject its beauty.


798 art center


I feel like I’m a little bit”Addictive” to Beijing’s bit by bit, I must recommend the interesting places in Beijing to more of my friends.


In 2008, Beijing hosted the Olympic Games that belonged to her, which attracted the attention of the world and made China proud.


It was still cold in Beijing in February, but the bright sunshine made me feel warm. Come to the Olympic Park, where there are landmarks of the Olympic Games. In fact, I always do my homework every time I travel. Many of my friends are amazed at how well I know Beijing; I have my own secret weapon of course; with it, I can rest assured to play around Beijing.


The Bird’s Nest and the Water Cube are actually venues built for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, this kind of architecture that amazed the whole world, is fascinating. The unique architectural style attracts people’s attention, which is particularly spectacular when seen from afar; as it gradually approaches, it gives people a sense of shock of a giant. Especially the bird’s nest, what kind of birds will such a huge “bird’s nest” contain?


“Life lies in movement”, is a sentence I accidentally saw on the street, and it was only after the translation of a Chinese friend that I deeply understood its meaning.


I very much agree with this point of view. I almost always choose shared bicycles for short trips nowadays. This is really a pioneering work that benefits all people. This picture is a way home from getting off work, I am riding the ofo 3.0 version of the small yellow car, riding on a quiet road, my partner took a new phone to me for a test shot, isn’t it handsome? By the way, I like the little lion on the right.


Beijing in May has begun to become warm, which gives me the illusion of going home. I still remember the warm weather when I first came to Beijing last year. Before I knew it, I had lived here for almost a year, and I found that I started to like it. This is a very united and beautiful country.


This time I came to the Temple of Heaven, which is said to be a place specially used for worship in ancient Beijing. This is the first time I have seen such a large altar. I think if I ask God for help here, it should be heard sooner.


This kind of weather is really breathless. The summer in Beijing is much hotter than I thought. I think I’m about to have a heat stroke.


However, after finally having time to rest, hiding in an air-conditioned room is no good. Beijing is so big, there are many places I haven’t been to.


It is like the Huangchenggen Ruins Park. What I like most is the city wall at the gate, which seems to have been hit by something. It seems to have a sense of age and vicissitudes. In such an environment, it is like a picture of history unfolding in front of me, telling those moving stories before my eyes.


There are many types of Chinese food, and breakfast is not necessarily milked coffee and hamburger.


In the morning in China, there are many more interesting foods, such as steamed buns, which I especially like.


Qingfeng Baozi Shop is very famous in Beijing, and the food here is not only very cheap but also very tasty. The process of not only filling the stomach but also enjoying the delicious food is very popular, and more importantly, eating Steamed buns doesn’t need chopsticks, which is great for me.


Qingfeng Baozi


By the way, if there is no time to sit down and have a quiet breakfast, I will take it away. Many times I choose to come here on my way to work to solve my first meal every morning.


Friends from my hometown saw my photos in China. They all expressed their envy and wanted me to be a guide in Beijing. Haha, I will definitely take them to eat all kinds of Beijing delicacies! After living here for almost a year, I feel that Beijing is actually more all-encompassing and full of vitality than I thought.


My friends in Europe hope that I can bring them some gifts when I go back. This is the same as I planned because there are so many different things here. I came to Nanluoguxiang in Beijing, where the goods are dazzling and they have a special Beijing flavor. I bought a lot of things to prepare for my relatives and friends, and I can imagine how excited they are.


Recently I watched a lot of Chinese costume TV series, those who know martial arts and wear retro”Heroes” and “Princes” are so cool!


I am envious of those emperors on TV. Although I don’t understand why the emperors on TV are so powerful, I decided to become one too. “emperor”. After all, my friends in Europe have never had this experience!


I used to think that the night in Beijing is always darker, not because of the sun “It’s off work”, but because there is so little nightlife at night, it was not until I came to Sanlitun that my original idea was a bit funny. The bustling here is no less than ours, even more, lively than ours.


Here, I can drink the most delicious wine, and I can see fashionable and beautiful young people. of course, whether it is wine or beauty, these are all delightful. I often go to Sanlitun with my friends, and I have a very relaxing time every time. And no matter how late we are, there are many, many people here, who will never feel alone.


During the year in Beijing, I felt that I had a full and colorful life. For a “foreigner”, it’s really amazing that I can go to so many places in one year. My friends think I’m very powerful. They ask me what the “secret weapon” really is. The reason why I can go to so many interesting places is that I saw a Russian friend checking the travel information of Beijing by chance, but it’s still Russian. Later, I learned that the website is called Beijing tourism. It has 8 language channels. Later, I fell in love with it without hesitation. It’s too rare, so I can clearly understand the information.


In fact, I have become a fan of this website for a long time in Beijing, because every time I go to a place, I will first go to this website to find some relevant information. This kind of dependence makes me feel dependent, at least I will not get lost in Beijing. Up. So I recommend it to my foreign friends in China, and I believe they will also become fans of it.


the Great Wall


Let me share my footprints in China for the time being. I actually want to go to the Great Wall, but I haven’t spared enough time, but I will definitely go.


Seeing this, I believe you must know why I recommend you to study in Beijing, China. If you want to know more about studying in China, please pay more attention to our website.

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