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Love is a necessary stage in adolescence. Many people will love their own early love, and they will not forget their first love. Especially the first hand in hand, the first kiss of memory can not be destroyed, very good. So is it illegal for international students to date Chinese? The answer was “No.”. Society now advocates the freedom of love. It is your freedom to want to be in love with. If fate, meet the girl, you all like each other, can try to love together. I wonder if you are in love now, or you haven’t found the first love object, it doesn’t matter. If you have been in love, you can see if you have done it? Still in the desire for the love you, must-see, maybe to you!


1. Precautions before starting love

1.1 strong heart


It is said that long-distance love is cruel enough because the problems caused by distance will continue to torture both sides. However, transnational love is likely to be a transnational + remote area, not only the problem of distance but also the problems of language, culture, communication, life habits, and other huge differences. The problem you are about to encounter is likely to be unimaginable difficulties or even powerlessness in your life. If you don’t have a strong heart to face what is coming, it’s better not to start transnational love.


1.2 further communication under the premise of serious marriage and love


Although transnational love seems to be very new, it will attract attention when we go to the street to love foreigners. However, both sides of transnational love are not only love but also unique emotional experience experienced by each other. Transnational love also needs real emotional exchange and mutual understanding. If it is not for serious marriage to cross-border love, then only two will be defeated, and it is difficult to believe that a good relationship will happen again.


1.3 Get support from Family


It’s very difficult to get cross-border love, so it’s important to get support from families on both sides. Find a suitable communication opportunity to tell parents the real situation of their transnational love, so that parents have a basic understanding of the object of transnational love. In this way, we will get a lot of substantive help in the process of communication.


2. Precautions for getting along in love

2.1 respect each other’s private space.


It is a very happy thing that two people are in love with each other. But, because we all have the space that belongs to our own privacy, the boy, or the girl, do not interfere with each other easily that private space. Learn to give each other a little respect.

If one or both sides interfere in each other’s private space, it is easy to break their own circle of life. Generally, boys have very hard playing girls, girls also have a very devoted but not suitable for lovers of boys and friends, many of them will be due to one side of interference and lead to interpersonal paralysis. Even if you break up one day, you will not feel helpless and lonely, because you all have your own private space. Don’t easily look up the information, phone, email, QQ, etc.

When two people are in love, they should give the other party the necessary trust. Remember, don’t go over the phone, email, etc. of the other party without having to. Once you cross this bottom line, you will cause many unnecessary troubles and misunderstandings. If two people have no trust in this, how can the relationship last for a long time?


2.2 Girls should learn to be reserved, and boys should have the bottom line.


Boys and girls are in love, and you are likely to eventually go to the marriage hall. If you all love each other, girls should be reserved when they are reserved. For example, male students invite you to dinner, the boys you have rejected come to you again, and ask you to go out for drinking songs… On these occasions, they should refuse, not to say not to go or not to participate, to have a degree. Many boys are judging people by their appearance, like “eating bowl and looking at the pot”, which is not desirable. Keep your bottom line, don’t be too fancy, and you can’t indulge too much until you point out, and be responsible for the person you love. For example, playing with single girls is ambiguous, and they don’t care about their girlfriend for a few days or even a week… These are best not.


2.3 pay attention to cohabitation.


It is very common for two people in love to live together now. There are many benefits. When you are ill, you can take care of it. Housework can be shared, and they will be more intimate with each other, and their personalities will change. Believe you live together and you are sure to be in it. But also note:

First: boys should be more modest, girls don’t play too little temper.

Living together, there will be a lot of things that happen every day, it is normal not to tease occasionally. So, boys don’t be too mean, girls, don’t play with sex easily, to their own bad for each other.

Second: keep the room clean and tidy, and do housework together.

The floor is dirty, the garbage can not be left, there is still laundry in the bin… Boys don’t think these are the girls do, girls do not push all these things to boys. Each other is diligent and quick. Whoever is busy, who pays more. After a long time, the relationship will be closer.

Third: safety measures should be taken when sexual behavior occurs.

Boys and girls should understand a little bit of physiological knowledge. When living together, we should cherish our bodies and do not have sex easily. If it really happens, please take safety measures. Stream of people is a matter of both spending money and damaging the body. Some girls who are not good may also have shadows. Especially boys, love her, must cherish her body. Don’t covet the pleasure of the moment.


2.4 be honest.


It is very difficult for boys and girls to do this. If you do, it means that your love is successful. Please note that the sincerity here refers to that when two people are together, don’t boast or play their minds before they are in love. Once one or two people play their hearts or are dishonest, this relationship is difficult to maintain.

Remember that if the other party doesn’t want to know their previous love history, this secret should be learned to keep it.


2.5 encourage the other party to make progress.


Don’t let love degenerate you, but make love a source of progress for each other. As the saying goes, “gold is not enough, no one is perfect”, boys and girls will have their own shortcomings, they should learn to contain the shortcomings of each other, encourage him or her to change or progress. Especially many boys have goals. Girls must give more support. And many girls also have their own ideas, boys do not easily deny, to learn to respect, affirmation!


There are countless ways to start love. There are many problems with love. As long as two people get along, they have problems to solve problems. Naturally, there will be no trouble in love.


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