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In Chinese universities, there are various student associations. If you are a foreigner and come to a Chinese university to study for the first time, then you must be very curious, what are the associations of Chinese universities and what are their functions? So today, I will introduce to you the student associations of Chinese universities.


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About the student associations

Student associations refer to various mass cultural, artistic, and academic groups formed by students voluntarily. Regardless of grade, department, or even school boundaries, it is composed of students with similar interests and hobbies. Carry out various activities under the premise of ensuring that students complete the learning tasks and do not affect the normal teaching order of the school. The purpose is to invigorate the school’s learning atmosphere, improve students’ autonomy, enrich their after-school life; exchange ideas, learn skills, inspire each other, and enhance friendship.


Types of clubs student associations

1. Science and Technology

This kind of club activity is a gathering of students who love to study science and technology to do some activities related to science and technology. For example, in the Robotics Association, many students who like to study robots gather together to study robots together in their spare time, make robots together and participate in competitions.


electronic sports association


2. Arts and sports

These activities are related to cultural and sports activities, similar to the interest groups in middle school, such as the guitar club. Many students who love guitar, bass, and rock gather together to learn guitar, learn skills together, and form bands together. Together with original music, together with performances, and so on.


3. Theoretical learning

The theoretical learning category is mainly related to some theoretical learning knowledge associations. For example, in the undergraduate TCM Characteristic Therapy Association, students gather to discuss TCM characteristic therapies after class, and carry out free clinic activities in school, including acupuncture, cupping, massage, etc, which not only deepens the study of theoretical knowledge but also enriches their spare life.


4. Public welfare service

As the name implies, public welfare services are some public welfare activity organizations. Universities generally encourage students to participate in public welfare activities in their spare time to give back to society. This kind of society usually visits the elderly in nursing homes, or volunteers for some large-scale activities for free, and usually participates in such public welfare activities, which not only exercises their social skills but also makes a little contribution to society.


Public welfare service association


How to join an association

1. When new students register, the major clubs will recruit students in the school, usually in relatively open and conspicuous places in the school. Each club will pull up banners and advertise. If you find a club you are interested in, you can directly contact the person in charge. After consultation and understanding, if you want to participate, you can fill in the form and pay a membership fee, usually ranging from 10 yuan to 50 yuan, which means that you have formally joined the association.


2. If you missed the freshman registration, you can also find the contact information of the club you are interested in in the public forum of the school, or you can consult the school teacher or classmates, sometimes there will be advertisements of club activities in the public newsstand, Then you can go to the event site to sign up.


music association


The operating mode of student associations

Any small group of non-governmental organizations needs to pay a certain amount of operating funds, but not too much. Just like the entrance fee mentioned above, this is used as the operating fund of the club, because after all, it is a college student and has not made any money. Many subsequent activities require money, such as renting venues, renting equipment, and so on. Of course, club activities will not be so expensive, and some clubs can make money. For example, some robotics research clubs can go out for competitions and there will be appearance fees. If the competition results are good, there will be bonuses. When a club is established and successful, it can also go out and solicit some sponsorships.


The benefits of joining an association

1. Enrich your life

In China, due to the long-term test-oriented education, many students only learn to learn. Therefore, the emergence of various college clubs has enriched their university life, and they can also learn many things that cannot be learned in class.


2. Exercise your abilities

Many students are very restrained before entering the university, and they will blush when talking to strangers. A university club is a small group. When the club organizes activities, every student needs to participate, not only to exercise the students’ organizational skills, can also to give each student a stage to show themselves. In an active atmosphere like a club, it can drive introverted classmates and it is also very beneficial for them to step into society after graduation.


debate association


3. Make more friends

The reason why students gather in the same club shows that everyone has the same hobbies. There are various university clubs, including photography, dance, literature, roller skating, etc. It is easy to make many like-minded friends in the club. After stepping into the society, the students will gradually understand that it is a very lucky thing to get a deep friendship in the university.


4. Cultivate a healthy mind

Due to the pressure of examination, entrance examination, and parents’ requirements, many students are in a sub-health state. Community activities provide a stage for members to experience success and happiness. Moreover, club activities provide students with an open communication environment across the class. Club members can have more opportunities to make like-minded friends, strengthen their own psychological support system, and get support and help when they encounter a psychological crisis.


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