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Tao Yuan Ming: The Story of Five-Willow Gentleman ~ 《五柳先生传》 陶渊明 with English Translations

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小编导读:《五柳先生传》是东晋田园派创始人陶渊明代表作之一,是陶渊明自传散文(存争议[1] )。在文中表明其三大志趣,一是读书,二是饮酒,三是写文章,塑造了一个真实的自我,表现了卓然不群的高尚品格,透露出强烈的人格个性之美。

《五柳先生传》 陶渊明



The Story of Five-Willow Gentleman
By Tao Yuan Ming

The Gentleman’s place of birth is not known, nor is his name or surname. He is called such by the fact that five willow trees grow beside his house.

He is a quiet man, being of little speech. He pursues no glory, nor material gain. He is fond of reading, but indulges not in hair-splitting. Each time he comes to understand something he is so happy that he forgets his meals.

He likes wine; but being poor he cannot obtain it often. His relations and old acquaintances knowing this occasionally invite him to drink; and each time he goes, he is sure to finish all the wine, or become quite drunk; and having not got drunk he would retire, caring little to stay or to depart.

His house is bare around, scarcely good enough to protect him from rain and wind. He is clad in a tattered jacket of hair-cloth, and his kitchen vessels are often found empty, but he is perfect at ease. He often enjoys himself by writing, thereby to show his opinions; and he is determined to remain so to the end, being indifferent about material loss or gain.

Epiloque: Chien Lu says, “Neither grumble about poverty, nor crave for honour and riches.” This is probably said of men of his kind, who, with wine-cup upon their lips, recite poems, and amuse themselves with their own ideas? Are they Wu Hwai’s subjects, or are they Ko Tien’s subjects?

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