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Water Margins 06~ Picture-Story Book

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361 船到江心,那汉子把船一晃,立即船底朝天。那汉子 说:“先喝点水吧。”

361 When the boat reached the middle of the river, the man shook the boat and immediately the bottom of the boat was facing the sky. The man said, “Drink some water first.”

362 那汉子在水中一个劲地灌李逵。戴宗得知此汉是浪里 白条张顺。宋江想起张横带的信,忙告诉戴宗。

362 The man poured Li Kui into the water. Dai Zong learned that this man was Zhang Shun. Song Jiang remembered Zhang Hengdai’s letter and quickly told Dai Zong.

363 戴宗跑到河岸边,告诉张顺,有张横的信,那黑大汉是兄弟。张顺这才放了李逵,向岸边游来,两脚踏浪,如履平地。

Dai Zong ran to the bank of the river and told Zhang Shun that there was a letter from Zhang Heng that the black man was a brother. Zhang Shun released Li Kui and swam to the shore, treading on the waves with both feet as if on the ground.

364 张顺、李逵上了岸。戴宗问张顺是否认识宋江,张顺 得知面前的就是宋江,倒头就拜。

364 Zhang Shun and Li Kui went ashore. Dai Zong asked Zhang Shun if he knew Song Jiang. Zhang Shun learned that Song Jiang was in front of him and bowed down.

365 过了几天,宋江一人来到浔阳酒楼,自斟自饮,凭栏 远眺,不禁触景生情。

365 After a few days, Song Jiang came to Xunyang Restaurant alone, drank from himself, and looked out on the railing. He could not help feeling the scenery.

366 ,在墙上写道:“心在山东 身在吴,飘蓬江海谩嗟吁。他时若遂凌云志敢笑黄巢不 丈夫!” 后面落款: 郓城宋江作

366, wrote on the wall: “The heart is in Shandong and the body is in Wu, and the river and sea are floating in the air. If Ling Yunzhi dared to laugh at Huang Chao’s husband when he was in the air!” The following inscription was signed: Yuncheng Song Jiangzuo

367通判黄文炳,见了此诗,心想高 升的机会来了。就询问了宋江的来历,抄了诗去找蔡京的儿子蔡知府告发。

After passing the sentence to Huang Wenbing, seeing this poem, he thought that the opportunity for promotion was coming. He inquired about Song Jiang’s origin and copied the poem to find Cai Zhifu, Cai Jing’s son.

368 拜见了蔡知府后,黄文炳听知府说,近来罡星照临吴楚,若有作乱之人应立即剿除。

After meeting with the magistrate Cai, Huang Wenbing heard the magistrate say that the gang stars have been shining on Wu and Chu recently. If there are any rioters, they should be eliminated immediately.

369 黄文炳取出宋江的反诗,并说此诗正应了童谣。“耗国因家木,刀兵点水工,纵横三十六,播乱在山东。”

369 Huang Wenbing took out Song Jiang’s counter-poetry and said that it was a nursery rhyme. “The country is consumed by wood, and the sabre and water industry are scattered in Shandong.”




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