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Legends of the Condor Heroes 12《天降神兵》 ~ Wuxia Novels & Books

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Guo Jing rode his horse and carried the carving all the way, and visited everywhere to find the trace of Huang Rong. He asked the Beggars’ Sect, Quanzhen Sect and Wulin disciples everywhere. In a flash, it was more than half a year, but there was no news from Huang Rong.

One day, it arrived in Shandong, but there were ten rooms and nine empty spaces along the way. The people who fled on the way all said that Mengji was fighting with the golden soldiers, and the defeated golden soldiers plundered everywhere and committed all kinds of evil. The farther north, the more sad.

One day, Guo came to a village. Suddenly, there was a loud noise in front of him. Only dozens of golden soldiers rushed into the village. The soldiers set fire to the village and cut it down when they saw someone.

Guo Jing was furious when he saw it. He jumped forward, grabbed the big gun in the officer’s hand with his right hand, and hit him on the temple with the palm of his left hand. The officer immediately died with his eyes protruding. Seeing that this man was fierce and no one dared to fight again, all the golden soldiers rushed out of the village.

Suddenly, a big flag flew out in front of him, and a small group of Mongolian cavalry rushed to him in the smoke. Jin Bing was scared into a mess. A few brave men fought against the crowd and rushed back to Guo Jing. Guo Jing stabbed several people in succession.

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